Sunday, October 30, 2011

Pumpkin Carving 2011

pumpkin baby
pumpkin head

Movie time!

Phil & Mistey

Katy Baby 

judah began to wonder what that odd smell was (he is SO sensitive to smells lately).

"STINKY!" judah said!

Belle was a pumpkin carving champ.

Thursday, October 27, 2011

for remembering

Bedtime prayers just keep getting more...interesting, and we frequently find ourselves silently shaking with laughter, trying to not to give away just how amused we are.

"Dear God,
Thank you for this pony, thank you for llamas."
Judah (interjecting):
"Thank you for breakfast!"
"Thank you for beds. Thank you for my SPLEEN!" (and she was so enthusiastic about her gratitude for her SPLEEN!)

Speaking of breakfast,
Wednesday morning, Judah stumbled into our room announcing, "I'm HUN-gry!"
Scooping him up I asked what he'd like for breakfast.
Without hesitating he answered his standard request, "Saus-shage". After explaining that we were all out of sausage, I asked what else he would like.
"Cake!" And wouldn't you know, we were fresh out of cake too. He went on to request chips, hamburger, cookie, and brownie for breakfast. Mind you, none of the above (with the exception of sausage) is ever served for breakfast. He had to settle for plain old homemade oats, but you can't blame a boy for trying!

And earlier today I said to Belle,
"Grandma Jackie says you did such a good job keeping our secret about our baby."
"Well," she responded, "It is my duty, afterall. What else could I do?!"

It is rarely dull around here; its a good thing we like it that way!

catching up - a moment at a time

she wanted a date with daddy for her birthday,
found her fanciest dress, all ruffles and glistening peach.

he hopes they will have a date each year for her birthday,
long after she dresses in white and wears ruffles for another.

as the old saying goes

sitting on the couch after a nap, judah announces, "shoo-EEEE!" as he waves his hand in front of his nose.
 "STINKY!" he says.
 when he discovered it was his feet that were the source of the odor!
indeed the smeller is the feller!

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

bedtime prayers

Aron, Belle, and I giggled our way through bedtime prayers tonight, as Judah prayed, in his sweet sing-songy voice:

Dear God,
Thank you for today.
Thank you for chocolate milk, thank you for white milk, thank you for daddy's white milk.
And for brownie, and for cookie. And daddy's head.
Thank you for my body.

Pretty sure God might even had giggled along with us. How great a God we serve who takes notice of our childlike hearts and finds delight in us.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Judah's Big Day

Our Judah is growing so BIG! Today he grabbed his hygenist's hand and walked back to have his teeth cleaned all by himself. I couldn't help but peek through the window to try to catch at glance at my little boy in that BIG chair!

They felt sorry for me trying to take pictures through a tiny window in the door and invited me to come back for a moment!
What a brave boy!
He was super excited to pick out a BUZZ Lightyear toothbrush.
And could NOT wait to show all of his goodies off to 'sis'. We left the dentist office, which is right next to daddy's office, and took lunch to daddy; Judah proudly showed him his sparkly teeth and Buzz brush. When we picked Belle up from school, she barely opened the car door and Judah exclaimed, "I GO TO DENTIST, sis!" Belle smothered him with hugs and kisses telling him how proud of him she was. It was a happy mommy moment:)

Enjoying these little moments in BIG ways!

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

This one's for the Grandparents

Just wanted to show you some of Belle's blossoming work:
(the last sentence reads, "I like to paint."

"Today I feel HapEeE." A portrait of Isabelle (complete with glasses, a flower in her hair, and an umbrella) and mommy.
And, we discovered tonight that she's been nesting in her space with some extra large leaves she collected on a walk tonight. We were quite impressed!
Hope you enjoyed,

Tuesday, October 4, 2011