Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Love this Moment

The babies couldn't have been more adorable in the tub.
Or afterward when they danced in circles and skips to their daddy's praising.
The evening has culminated in this moment.
Snuggling together, watching the Grinch (aka 'The Greener Meaner Cat in the Hat" as Belle calls him).

Where are you Christmas?
Right here. In our hearts.

Friday, November 26, 2010

NOW we can begin celebrating!

One of our favorite artists
Singing one of our favorite Christmas songs...

Now all we need is a nice crackling fire and a steamy cup of holiday goodness.

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Yes, this just happened

I needed to roast a few pumpkins for some Thanksgiving baking.

Last time I roasted these Sugar Pumpkins, Aron was gone at work. It took me well over a half an hour to cut one open and then down the center. And I was lucky not to have sliced a finger off (I have bad luck with sharp objects).

Turns out, I'm not as weak as I thought. After about 30 seconds of attempting to 'cut' open my pumpkins with our run of the mill kitchen cutlery, Aron brought out his big dog - his Grandpa Howard's saw. And it worked like a charm.

Love my Macho Man,

Saturday, November 20, 2010



Oh, wait, that' just my husband

Thursday, November 18, 2010

*oops, I forgot a few!

*addendum to previous post, for your viewing pleasure
Judah, trying to ride Charlie from his crib
And, again, trying to escape after a nap.

Pajama 'mama madness

I have sorted, refolded, reorganized, & put away Isabelle's jammie drawer 3,
count them three, times in the last 12 hours. She has a lot of pajamas.

Because a certain Miss thinks she's a mermaid & changes her tail every five minutes (two legs in one leg of tight pajama pants equals a super sweet mermaid tail complete with flippers made of her two feet at the end). Anyways, because this mermaid wanna-be leaves her pajama drawer open, Mr. Texas Tornado empties it in about three minutes flat, scattering pajamas all over the house.
Most recently, after emptying the drawer, he then brings me the pajamas, a piece at a time, wanting me to put them on him.

Not to worry though -
even in pink hot pants,
Judah is still all boy.
Additionally, this young adventurer has moved on from climbing on tables (that is so conquered and over with), to scaling the armoire full of toys. He can get up, just not down.
So when I hear a sudden, panic'd whining, I know just where to find him.
And he still runs to mama to tend to his bruised little ego.
At last, Judah found a pair of sissy's pj's that suites his taste.
My hands are full (and so is my heart),


Our sweet little chick-a-dees are sick, sick, sick.
Boo for fevers, sore throats, and vomiting!
But we are thanking God for healthy bodies to fight off infections!

And three cheers for getting sick the week before Thanksgiving (instead of while we are traveling!)
Although, I'm not convinced Judah is fighting the same thing as Belle just yet. He had a low grade fever yesterday, but seems fine today. Belle, however, is on day 3 of can't get off the couch sick.

Judah has been such a sweet brother. He keeps gently rubbing Belle's back and giving her hugs around her waist.
We're praying our girl is back to herself soon!
And Judah stays well, so we can venture out...
Over the river and through the woods,
To Grandmother's house we go (hopefully, pretty please?!)!
Trying to fight off cabin fever (we've been taking turns being sick since Sunday!),

Monday, November 15, 2010

That's Amore

We had SO much fun last week on our trip to Italy,
we HAD to go back this week.
Belle glowed with excitement when I told her she could dress up for a fancy dinner.
The Italian Limbo song beckoned us to join in just before dinner.

As you can see, Judah did NOT get dressed up for dinner.
You will see why.
And a little pre-dinner dancing seemed more than appropriate.
At last...the moment the boys had been waiting for!
(Aron got wrapped up in writing another song and forgot to eat...
all day. It must be an artist thing, cause I never, ever forget to eat.)
Rose was more interested in her fancy glass of water than her food.

And...a little bonus (*read 'I'm too busy/tired to write another post or find a creative way to narrate it in') random moments!

As I washed dishes after dinner, Aron & I were talking, engrossed in the importance of what we were saying. I looked up and burst out laughing at the site of Belle squeezed into Judah's 12 month lion costume.
Rewind to Sunday morning.
This is a pretty typical morning.
Belle's vanity is right next to my bathroom, and she likes to sit and put on her "sparklies" and "lips" as I get ready for church.
Judah begs for her "lips"...so he can eat the flavored lipgloss.
Aron confessed he used to sneak into his mom's purse and eat her lipstick.

Judah sipping sissy's milk...

Aaaaaannnd you are lucky if you are seeing this last picture, because Aron will likely make me delete it once he sees it. (hehe!!) I put Belle's hair in rollers, and she took it upon herself to roll judah's mo-mullet.
My father-in-law would say this is exactly why Judah needs a haircut.
I would smile and agree, but say how if I cut his curls, they'll be gone forever.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

The Greatest Show on Earth

You should have seen our little clowns when we got home. The Amazing Jumping Judah was leaping off of everything he could climb up on, ending in a head dive into the carpet. And the Beautiful Belle was a twirlin' and flippin' galore.

Rusty Facts

Driving on our way to the circus,
Aron's singing loudly one of his favorite John Mark songs,
"Skeleton bones stand at the sound of eternity on the lips of the found..."
(if you've ever been in the car with Aron when he's singing...you know he has one volume - piercingly loud.)

Our ever inquisitive 4 year old begins a series of questions about skeletons and bones. Aron attempts to answer.

"You have a skeleton. Its made up of all your bones."

"I can't feel them!" Belle cries out.

"Yes you can!" Aron returns. "Feel your elbow."
"Or feel your feet. You have 206 bones in each foot! Just ask Mom."

Sorry, babe. Can't back you up on this one.
That would be 206 bones in the entire human skeleton.

But to your credit, it would be really cool if we had 206 bones per foot. Think of the "toe picking" you could do on your acoustic!
You fill my world with funny bones & rusty tunes. I love you!

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Cause I know you love a good deal as much as I do...

And because this is the best Cheesesteak outside the city of Phily...

*Price valid until November 14...participating locations only.

I sure hope our Michi location cooperates!

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Right where I am

Lion cub has entered the world of bovine meets canine.

He just walked up to me, made puppy dog noises, and then slapped a cow kiss on me that would make his daddy proud.
Belle is playing puppy too. This is her sad puppy face.
And like any good puppy...always into mischief.

I love this season.
I wouldn't trade these moments with my babies for anything.
Not a million dollars or glamour or travel or big houses or fine clothes.
My heart beats in their smiles and my lungs fill with their delight.
I am so thankful, so blessed, to be able to spend these ever fleeting moments with them.
And I am so humbled and honored that God chose me to fill this role.

Thank you, Good Father, for placing me right where I am.
Living in the moment,