Thursday, November 18, 2010

Pajama 'mama madness

I have sorted, refolded, reorganized, & put away Isabelle's jammie drawer 3,
count them three, times in the last 12 hours. She has a lot of pajamas.

Because a certain Miss thinks she's a mermaid & changes her tail every five minutes (two legs in one leg of tight pajama pants equals a super sweet mermaid tail complete with flippers made of her two feet at the end). Anyways, because this mermaid wanna-be leaves her pajama drawer open, Mr. Texas Tornado empties it in about three minutes flat, scattering pajamas all over the house.
Most recently, after emptying the drawer, he then brings me the pajamas, a piece at a time, wanting me to put them on him.

Not to worry though -
even in pink hot pants,
Judah is still all boy.
Additionally, this young adventurer has moved on from climbing on tables (that is so conquered and over with), to scaling the armoire full of toys. He can get up, just not down.
So when I hear a sudden, panic'd whining, I know just where to find him.
And he still runs to mama to tend to his bruised little ego.
At last, Judah found a pair of sissy's pj's that suites his taste.
My hands are full (and so is my heart),


j said...

Feeling a bit of deja vu my friend! March of last year I dedicated a post to my little wardrobe changing princess too (10 outfits in one day!). The strewn clothes and open drawers all look too familiar. Warms my heart because these are all things that speak "mom" and remind me I am not alone :)

And your Mr. Texas Tornado along with my "Tiny Tornado" (pulling shorts out of her brother's drawers daily) would surely make a dangerous duo!

All things shall come to pass...even the mess-makin' stages. I can't help but smile and sometimes laugh out loud as I walk behind Berlyn bringing order to her harmless havoc :)

I like your conclusion: Hands and heart full!

Missed you at study this morning. Hope you are all doing well.

beckyjomama said...

Sophie is getting into the multiple outfit stage too. Only she gets stuck on nekked. Hmmm...

LOVE the pic of J-cub with the hands down the pants ... that right there made my WHOLE day!