Wednesday, July 27, 2011

peter pan's lost boy

wish i could send this lion cub to Neverland; if only i could keep him this way forever.
2 years old is just a breath and a few sleeps away.


apple of my eye


Friday, July 22, 2011

Come To Me

God inspired me to write a few songs recently to remind his people of some timeless truths: He made us, he loves us, he wants us to come to him with our every care and concern, and not worry about anything! I hope these encourage you this morning!

"Come to me, all you weak,
All you weary and broken hearts
Cast your cares on the One
Who spoke the skies and breathed the stars

For I am good
And loving towards all I have made
I made you,
I love you,
I want you
To come to me"

"The years pass so fast
But the days pass so slow
Each day has enough
Trouble of its own

So just take it one step at a time
You know that I'll be there by your side

So don't worry,
Don't worry about a thing
I'll be there for you
Forever and always
My love is enough
And I have everything you need
So don't worry

Be still, and know who I am
And I have a plan for you
But don't miss the gift of today
It's making my mercies new

I hold the world in my hands
I know the plans I have for you
I see the sparrow fly
Every tear you cry
Oh, how I love you so..."

If you want to hear the songs in all their glory, come to Lapeer Assembly of God on Friday, July 29 @ 8pm when I open for JAMIE GRACE!


Wednesday, July 20, 2011

on praying faces and morning graces

If only I looked this angelic when sleeping...
or this lovely upon waking...
I find it amusing that belle gets out of bed with hair that looks like its been brushed and styled and lays just so...but check out that yellow fuzz ball in the lower left corner of the picture. That would be Lion Cub's wild mane of untamed golden fluff.

Its sure to be a good day waking up to these little blessings.

Monday, July 18, 2011

Because a little boy in spidey pj's riding his beloved bike
As the sun yawns and slips slowly into tomorrow
Is almost more goodness than this heart can handle...

I'll share the love with you,

On Michi Living

There are days I think my heart will burst from home-longing, family-pining, familiar-calling.
But even so, there is beauty to be inhaled, life to be fully lived, here. Where we are.
Today is a gift, remember, self?

Sundays spent beach side with friends so dear, this is Michi-living.
And it is a gift.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Because today is a gift

Go ahead. Celebrate it. Go all out. Throw a little extravagant love, a touch of the extraordinary right smack dab in the middle of your 'ordinary' day.

It doesn't have to be expensive, or even labor intensive. Fresh squeezed lemon-limeaide is a simple enough beverage. But you should have seen the delight on the faces of my family as they sipped their cares away, tastebuds dancing with the heat waves on this 90 degree day. I usually pass on fresh lemons at the grocery - just too pricey and more work for me. But these keylimes, marked down for quick sale to a mere buck and a half, begged to make our day.

Even Judah could hardly stand to wait until supper to partake. Summer, all sliced up and squeezed out in sour-sweet, sunshiny splendor.

One can't help but smile. I bet your smiling right now; maybe even salivating. If you're off to make a glass of your sure to use crushed ice. A necessary secret ingredient for the best lemonade the summer offers.
Embracing the gift of today,

Monday, July 11, 2011

We are alive over here

I know you may find that fact hard to believe, as our digital footprint may suggest otherwise. But we are indeed alive. And well. Very well, in fact. The summer has simply ushered in more life than we have hours in the day, and so documenting it has just had to fall by the wayside for a while. Some days it feels like surfing a wild, exhilarating wave - sun soaked, salty skin alive for the ride. Other days we do well just to keep our heads above the water - the weight of unending responsibilities, unrelenting emotion, undying dreams, and unceasing whining (can I get an amen?!) threatening to pull us under. But this story is a familiar one. You could completely resonate, could you not?

This is life - the tension between mindblowing beauty and heartstopping despair, earthshaking freedom and shackling captivity. We strain forward toward the former, though at times beaten down by the latter. The One who is the Radiance of God's glory calls us to him, and he walks alongside us as we press into him, press on toward the goal. And as we learn to quiet ourselves, to hear his voice, He works even our unyielding circumstances, our frustrating relationships, our painful memories to set us free from imprisonment of self. Free to be a glory giver, free to be fully alive. And through the struggle (to use a line from one of Aron's songs) he sustains us with pleasures from His hand, empowers us with his very presence, showers us with blessing upon blessing. And in his leading and laying down by still water and in verdant pasture, satisfaction joins hands with peace and settles down among us.

Since moving away from our families we have chosen to spend our vacation time each year reconnecting with them. We had the great privilege to spend a chunk of time with those nearest and dearest last week. We prayed to the Lord that he would be near, that His presence would usher in moments of love and quality time, of connection and community. A big ole' lump rises in my throat as I consider all the ways He answered this prayer of our hearts. Enjoy.