Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Because today is a gift

Go ahead. Celebrate it. Go all out. Throw a little extravagant love, a touch of the extraordinary right smack dab in the middle of your 'ordinary' day.

It doesn't have to be expensive, or even labor intensive. Fresh squeezed lemon-limeaide is a simple enough beverage. But you should have seen the delight on the faces of my family as they sipped their cares away, tastebuds dancing with the heat waves on this 90 degree day. I usually pass on fresh lemons at the grocery - just too pricey and more work for me. But these keylimes, marked down for quick sale to a mere buck and a half, begged to make our day.

Even Judah could hardly stand to wait until supper to partake. Summer, all sliced up and squeezed out in sour-sweet, sunshiny splendor.

One can't help but smile. I bet your smiling right now; maybe even salivating. If you're off to make a glass of your own...be sure to use crushed ice. A necessary secret ingredient for the best lemonade the summer offers.
Embracing the gift of today,


mom kirk said...

mmmmmm... salivating!

j said...

Oh yes! I am salivating over here! I bet those would make good popsicles too! Looks delicious and tasty for a sweltering summer day...and surely mini umbrellas ump the tasty factor :)

And I enjoyed your vacay vimeo with family back home. Looked refreshing and soothing for the mind, body and spirit and filled with many of my favorite things (family, outdoors, weddings, etc. Belle dancing her heart out was my fav part of it all. We've enjoyed a good 5 days in the beauty of Southern Ohio ourselves. Thought of you and your "home" while there). Hope you and your family are all feeling well and recovered now. Happy Monday to you!

And not sure who I'm signed in under, but this is J :)