Wednesday, March 31, 2010

little brother blues

It's a sticky job being the little brother.
I have to bite my tongue when sister "decorates" me in the backseat of the Mounty.

Or when she dresses me up in cowboy hats & butterfly wings.
But I giggle & squeal at even the smallest dose of attention she gives me.
I'm kinda like this Easter Bunny she's been favoring lately. She works up contraptions just for us. This one she dragged into the bathroom during our bath so the bunny could watch our fun.

It may be a tough job, but it is one suited just for me. God made to fit like a glove into this crazy KirkHaven crew.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

our getaway

Spontaneous trips are always a blast. And we definitely needed the quality time.
I don't think I took but a picture or two while we were gone, but luckily others did, so I do have a few captured moments. I think now that my arms are full (of 16lbs of handsomeness), I tend to miss moments I normally would catch. Such is the season. At least I have really buff biceps
(*not Barby K. buff, but buff for me:)).
Isabelle had a blast playing with cousins: Samuel, Chloe, Grace, Eli, Luke & Isaiah.
She & Samuel must have run up this hill 100 times that night. Josh & Daddy made the trek up the hill to have a picnic with the kids. Grandma Jackie did the same the next day with Belle & Chloe.

Grandpas & Golf balls. Good times.
And cute faces young and old.

Aron & Josh are 4 months apart. Now they have sons 4 months apart.

Aron's cousin Chanda & his Aunt Martha Kay opened a cafe on the Ohio River. Such a delightful little restaurant filled with charm, delicious home cookin', & Grandma Kirk's sewing masterpieces. One of the highlights of our trip was a leisurely Thursday afternoon lunch followed by a stroll along the river.

Josh & Kim have frequented RiverBreeze Corner Cafe a few times since its opening, but each time Chanda's famous peanut butter pie has been sold out. We are told by Kara & Brian that this pie is better than Fireside's.

So in perfect Kirk fashion, we ordered dessert first so as to ensure we got our peanut butter pie. And every last crumb lived up to the 'hype'. Next time family visits Michigan and asks if we need anything from we know what to say!
Isabelle shopped the store & chose a topsy turvy doll handmade by Grandma to take home as her treasure.

We spent Thursday evening visiting at Aron's parents where most of his siblings were able to drop in for supper, but we missed the few we didn't get to see.

Friday we grilled steaks at my parents with my sister & the Bunn's as the girls played and Aron & I threw a football in the yard. Quiet, simple, joyous.

Saturday we Pancake Saturday'd with Aron's parents & even enjoyed farm fresh eggs from Uncle Ray & Aunt Pam's chickens. Great pancakes, even better conversations.

Then on our way out of town we were so excited to get to have lunch with a bunch of the Kirk cousins who happened to available on the spur of the moment decision.
Quick moments, but precious ones.
Moments ordained & blessed by God,
Held close to our hearts.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

After 9 hours in the car yesterday, we made it back to Michi about midnight. We decided to take a few days vacation & visit family in Ohio since we wouldn't make it home for Easter. We really needed a few days away & so enjoyed our time. The weather was perfect!

I'm hoping to get some pictures up soon! As soon as I find my camera cord that is.
much love

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

shout out from judah

Judah has caught "mommyitis". He used to be so content playing on the floor or riding in his swing. Now, if I'm within eyesight, he wants to be held, and if I don't pick him up, he works himself into an absolute panic.
Here is a little shot of him today on my lap as I worked on the computer. He's learned to shake his head no...he does it for a few seconds on here, but you have to watch to see it. Usually he does it in a really exaggerated way.

Untitled from Aron Kirk on Vimeo.

Saturday, March 13, 2010

springing forward and other random reflections...

A few random reflections on this rainy Saturday evening:
  • How a 3-year-old can create 'art' that happens to make a huge mess while both parents are in the room but remain completely oblivious is a mystery to me.

  • Molasses Cookies - the whole package - didn't make it 24 hours in our house. Gone, baby.
  • God's love is relentless, gracious, & sufficient. It traverses the caverns of the heart of man searching out recesses yet to be filled with its quenching Living Water. This I am learning. (erica)
  • Judah cut his second bottom tooth today. Finally the drooling has slowed down.

  • We didn't know what to do with ourselves this rainy Saturday, so we decided to go to Kensington's Saturday evening worship. We are so glad we did. Being in ministry, its very rare to be able to sit back & totally be ministered to with no pressure, no responsibility. Such a nourishing evening for us all. BONUS: We saw Jeff and Andrea Kmeic there and sat with them during the service! The Kmeic's attend Kensington but are in our small group at MCC.
  • Did you know today is march 13... That means in 17 days, 1 hour it will be April 1st. Can you guess what that means? It starts with an "Er" & ends with a "ma's". Sweet, creamy custard... we are waiting for you to greet us with your weekly feature flavors again.
  • "Who are you calling a Cootie Queen you Lent Licker?" yeah, we say that about 100 times a day at our house... it's a random inside joke we'll throw in about any conversation. What? You haven't seen that 'Orbit' gum commercial? "What the French, Toast?" You need to. Its hilarious. YouTube it.
  • 3 years olds will inevitably pick the worst time to say above cootie queen remark. Like to the dermatologist. [Mental note: must begin to speak more preschool appropriate. Save inside jokes for "grown-up time"]
  • new "Awakening" worship album from Passion is definitely worth your investment. Fav song right now is Chris Tomlin's "Our God". Also enjoying "Rise & Sing" by Fee; "Like a Lion" and "How He Loves" by David Crowder Band.


  • Belle has been watching the original "Inspector Gadget" cartoons online the past few days. She says it "Inspector Gagic". It's pretty awesome to hear her sing the theme song "do do do do doot Inspector Gagic" and then shout "Go go gagic arms". I think she thinks "gagic" is another word for "magic"!
  • lovin' my new white high top Chuck Taylor All-Stars (Aron). They're just now starting to get that broken-in, dingy feel and look. Ah, finally, a shoe that is both timeless and functional.
  • Happy Daylight Saving Time! Don't forget to "Spring Forward" before you go to bed. Losing and hour of sleep tonight!
APK & ejk

Thursday, March 11, 2010


I walked to the mailbox with a heavy heart.
The breeze for once did not take my breath but felt refreshing blowing across my face & through my hair.
I peeked inside to find a package.
A box from a dear friend.
I couldn't get inside fast enough.

Amish Granola & Molasses Cookies
And a note that read,
"You are not forgotten, my friend..."

I couldn't stop the tears.
Ugly, sobbing tears.
I thanked God for reminding me of his love when my heart feels discouraged & for using my friend in such a timely way. I thanked him for tangibly showing me that I am known. That we are loved. That my family is not forgotten.
Then I ate the best tasting molasses cookie I've ever had.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

for the fam...

a short clip...

baby giggles & princess squeals,
soaking in this season of pure innocence.

a day in the life from Aron Kirk on Vimeo.


Dear Son,
I am sorry I left you alone with your sister. This was bound to happen sometime.
Don't feel emasculated. You are in good company. Just ask Uncle Ben; from the stories I've heard, he proudly wore his fair share of sparkles and dress up clothes donned by his big sister. Or ask Daddy; he's sported freshly painted pink nails more than once for the sake of your sister.
This was the first time, but I'm sure it won't be the last. From now on, we'll just call it "war paint". It will be between you & me, okay?
much love my glistening warrior,
*ps - you can click on the last picture to enlarge it & see j-man in his manly sparkling splendor, and you can catch a peek of the brand spankin' new tooth!

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Milestone Moment

Judah 1st tooth has erupted (the middle, bottom left one)!!! And what better day for a milestone moment than Aron's 26th birthday!
We are celebrating this milestone, but a piece of my heart sank when I felt the sharp little tooth poking out of Judah's smooth gums. I can't believe my baby is 6 months old, and I cannot believe he already has a tooth! I think Aron's cousin Amber perfectly stated my feelings when she said, " I struggle with having to turn moments into memories." I'm trying to soak in these moments because they oh so quickly evaporate into memories. Thank you, God, for the blessings this March 4th has brought.

birthday recap

Aron started off his morning with a fav - chocolate chip banana bread.
And another favorite - artwork made just for him by his girl.
He loved opening his gifts first thing in the morning. I insisted he open them before work because Belle & I had worked all week to pick out a complete birthday outfit for him to wear. Unfortunately, a few of the clothes didn't fit just right, so we had to make a few returns. But he loved the thought:)
Aron worked until noon & then we visited him at the office & picked him up for a birthday lunch!

Belle & Marissa posing at church while we waited for Aron to finish up his work. (Can you tell Isabelle had been playing hard...her hair had completely fallen down from her ballerina bun).
Finally! Time for some Italiano deliciousness!
The BEST lunch ever...Olive Garden salad, breadsticks, & grilled shrimp caprese. Oh was it amazing!
The birthday boy slightly embarrassed after being serenaded by the "Buena Vista" crew.
Judah enjoying some pears...YUM!

So enjoyed celebrating a birthday midday! Aron had practice Thursday evening, so we tried to soak in the afternoon together.

He said the highlight of his day was the blog post from all of you! He is definitely a 'words of encouragement' love language kind of guy, so his "love bucket" was overflowing after reading your kind & loving thoughts. Thank you for helping to celebrate him with me!
much love

Late Entries

I'm gonna post any late entries (ie...I received them after I posted your birthday tribute) here. I still want you to enjoy them, even if I didn't get to include them in the original!

We'll call this one #27:

ah!! There is not enough that I can say about Aron. I think Kent said it very well...

Aron, you are one of the best friends, and guitar players that I have ever known. I still think back to the times that we have shared together and I laugh, cry (especially when driving the van for the summit worship team..showing up to churches and aron wearing his 'tobacco festival' shirt), smile, a little of everything.

love you aron, and happy birthday too!!
*Jesse Parsons

Happy 26th Birthday, Aron!

26 Things We LOVE about you, Aron (in no particular order):

26 "He is a beastly tomahawk thrower, guitar wizard, and wicked at having fun."
*Eli Woollard
25. "1st - your name ROCKS when spoken with a 2 year old's french accent - A-RON!
2nd - Your heart for God and His people is undeniable, un mistakable and beautiful - being called friend by you is TRULY a Blessing!Happy Birthday Aron! We love you!!!!!"
*The Beverly Bunch

24. He is so much fun to be around...a big kid in a man's body.

23. "He is wild at heart, has a passion for his family, friends, & God. He is a great friend & father."
*Josh & Kim Kirk
22. His rockin air guitar solos are almost as good as his real-life shredding (though he'd contest this). And he's game for a late night dance party with the nieces and nephews any day.

21. "Mr. Aron - You are awesome in many ways."
*Kyle Knepper"Add Image
20. Aron does what he says he will do.

19. We love Aron because of his sincere faith, humility and talent. I remember meeting him at his Macomb audition. Melva was on the selection team, and after we gave Aron an enthusiastic thumbs-up on musical ability, she said well, he loves the Lord too. This was a more important criterion, and she was right.

*Kevin Caullay

18. The 'Peanut Butter & Jelly'. If you've ever been to a wedding with Aron, you know what I'm talking about!

17. "We love Aron because he is the luckiest guy in the world because he got to marry one of the 2 greatest girls in the world, and he is turning out great grandkids!"
*Paul Gardner
16. "Aron I have loved you unconditionally since the day you were born.26 years ago today just a little after 4 pm:).Having children of you're own now I am sure you know what I am talking about.I love you're Zest for God,life,family,music. to name just a few.I love the God fearing and loving man you have become. I love you're genuineness,you're integrity,you're sense of humor,you're willingness to serve God.You're dad and I are truly blessed by God to have been given the privilege to have you as our son.We love you more than any words can say and always will .Have a Great and Blessed Day."
15. "I love my brother Aron because he cares for me. I know this to be true because no matter how bad I'd screw up or do things that I probably should not be doing, he was always tell on me! Thanks for helping keep me on the staight and narrow..... Happy Birthday... I love ya man."
* Ben Kirk
14. "I love Aron because he has grown to be such a good Christian man who loves his family and takes care of them. And he is just such a good man that I'm proud of!"
*Grandma Howard

13. Aron, you are everything a Godly man should be. And even though I know that you yourself probably don't believe that I want you to know that we love you, I love you. And I am fiercely proud of the ROCK you are and the man you strive to be.
THANK YOU for showing my boys what it looks like to be a godly man, and how to love GOD, your wife, your family, and the church. I am a better woman because you are in my life. And I am infinity thankful and privileged to call you my brother."
* Alyssa Woollard
12. "Aron - If God had blessed me with a son, I would have hoped that he would have grown up to be the kind of man you are - Godly, smart, loving, caring, sensitive, a person with intense integrity. I am so grateful He has allowed our paths to cross. Thanks for being who you are, and for always striving to be who God wants you to be."
*Bernadette Caullay

11. "You are a real, live Prince Charming to our daughter. And you are already the delight of our son."
*Erica Kirk
10. Boil them Cabbage down
Turn them hoecakes round
The only song that I can sing
Is boil them cabbage down

Possum in a Simmon tree
Raccoon on the ground
Raccoon says you son-of-a-gun
Shake some Simmon's down

Boil them Cabbage down
Turn them hoecakes round
The only song that I can sing
Is boil them cabbage down

Love me some Aron!! :)
*Kent Bjurstrom

9. "I've loved him since he was born! Such a sweet faced baby. Always kind and such a big heart. I'm so proud to say I am his aunt. Aron, you amaze me. Your faith in the Lord is astounding. What a real man you are. I love the way you stand for your convictions. From your love of God to your faithful love of your wife and family. You know what is important in life for real. You are your aunts inspiration. I, at 49, hope to grow up to be more like you.=) I love you so much sweetheart. I'm blessed to have you in my life. Your FAVORITE aunt Stephane=)"

8. He is tender & the perfect one to make even the most painful hurt feel 'all better' again.
7. "I love Aron's love.
I love his love for...
-his God.
-his Bible.
-his wife.
-his kids.
-his church.
-his art.
-his mission"
*Mike Edmisten
6. "Because I want to marry him in my Cinderella dress when I grow up & get big."
*Isabelle Rose Kirk
5. We love Aron because he has been such a positive role model as to what a Godly man should be and is the best brother-in-law a girl could ask for.
*Elizabeth Gardner
4. I love Aron, ( a manly kind of love, like a "cut down trees together" kinda love) because he is a great listener whenever I need help with any problems I have or when ever I have any suggestions with the worship band. He is a great friend to me and a great man of God who I have a great deal of respect for.
*Aaron Dodge

3. "Because he's mine!"
*Isabelle Rose Kirk
2. On a warm summer day, you can find him with rod & reel in hand next to the best fishing hole he can find. Still waters run deep.
1. "Aron, you are the most amazing man I have ever met. I suppose you are just going to have to get a whole lot older, because I have so many more reasons I'd love to list explaining to you why you are so worth celebrating today. I know I fall short so often at expressing just how much you mean to me and how completely I love you...just because you are you. I wouldn't change a thing about you, from the freckles on your lips to your scent when you've been hard at work outside. I am so grateful God saw fit to unite me with you. I respect you in every way. I am honored to journey alongside you as your wife. Happy Birthday, baby!"
As you walk bravely into your 27th year, remember the words a great songwriter once penned,

'Be an oak, my son
With the heart of a lion
The only failure in life
Is not even trying.'

all my love,