Thursday, March 4, 2010

birthday recap

Aron started off his morning with a fav - chocolate chip banana bread.
And another favorite - artwork made just for him by his girl.
He loved opening his gifts first thing in the morning. I insisted he open them before work because Belle & I had worked all week to pick out a complete birthday outfit for him to wear. Unfortunately, a few of the clothes didn't fit just right, so we had to make a few returns. But he loved the thought:)
Aron worked until noon & then we visited him at the office & picked him up for a birthday lunch!

Belle & Marissa posing at church while we waited for Aron to finish up his work. (Can you tell Isabelle had been playing hard...her hair had completely fallen down from her ballerina bun).
Finally! Time for some Italiano deliciousness!
The BEST lunch ever...Olive Garden salad, breadsticks, & grilled shrimp caprese. Oh was it amazing!
The birthday boy slightly embarrassed after being serenaded by the "Buena Vista" crew.
Judah enjoying some pears...YUM!

So enjoyed celebrating a birthday midday! Aron had practice Thursday evening, so we tried to soak in the afternoon together.

He said the highlight of his day was the blog post from all of you! He is definitely a 'words of encouragement' love language kind of guy, so his "love bucket" was overflowing after reading your kind & loving thoughts. Thank you for helping to celebrate him with me!
much love

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grandma jackie said...

Thanks for sharing you're day with us. love you guys.see you soon