Saturday, March 13, 2010

springing forward and other random reflections...

A few random reflections on this rainy Saturday evening:
  • How a 3-year-old can create 'art' that happens to make a huge mess while both parents are in the room but remain completely oblivious is a mystery to me.

  • Molasses Cookies - the whole package - didn't make it 24 hours in our house. Gone, baby.
  • God's love is relentless, gracious, & sufficient. It traverses the caverns of the heart of man searching out recesses yet to be filled with its quenching Living Water. This I am learning. (erica)
  • Judah cut his second bottom tooth today. Finally the drooling has slowed down.

  • We didn't know what to do with ourselves this rainy Saturday, so we decided to go to Kensington's Saturday evening worship. We are so glad we did. Being in ministry, its very rare to be able to sit back & totally be ministered to with no pressure, no responsibility. Such a nourishing evening for us all. BONUS: We saw Jeff and Andrea Kmeic there and sat with them during the service! The Kmeic's attend Kensington but are in our small group at MCC.
  • Did you know today is march 13... That means in 17 days, 1 hour it will be April 1st. Can you guess what that means? It starts with an "Er" & ends with a "ma's". Sweet, creamy custard... we are waiting for you to greet us with your weekly feature flavors again.
  • "Who are you calling a Cootie Queen you Lent Licker?" yeah, we say that about 100 times a day at our house... it's a random inside joke we'll throw in about any conversation. What? You haven't seen that 'Orbit' gum commercial? "What the French, Toast?" You need to. Its hilarious. YouTube it.
  • 3 years olds will inevitably pick the worst time to say above cootie queen remark. Like to the dermatologist. [Mental note: must begin to speak more preschool appropriate. Save inside jokes for "grown-up time"]
  • new "Awakening" worship album from Passion is definitely worth your investment. Fav song right now is Chris Tomlin's "Our God". Also enjoying "Rise & Sing" by Fee; "Like a Lion" and "How He Loves" by David Crowder Band.


  • Belle has been watching the original "Inspector Gadget" cartoons online the past few days. She says it "Inspector Gagic". It's pretty awesome to hear her sing the theme song "do do do do doot Inspector Gagic" and then shout "Go go gagic arms". I think she thinks "gagic" is another word for "magic"!
  • lovin' my new white high top Chuck Taylor All-Stars (Aron). They're just now starting to get that broken-in, dingy feel and look. Ah, finally, a shoe that is both timeless and functional.
  • Happy Daylight Saving Time! Don't forget to "Spring Forward" before you go to bed. Losing and hour of sleep tonight!
APK & ejk


Aron and Erica said...

btw -- yeah, I only had two of the molasses cookies, and just one of them was like Belle's entire body weight in cookie (they were dense-fully delicious!), so I wonder who ate all of them?!?!?

mom kirk said...

Rainy Saturday here too. sounds like you found plenty to keep you busy. love the Bellisms. she is just too witty for a 3 year old. I'd like to go go gagic into those little arms for a hug.:)as for the messes well the key word her might be "oblivious?";)then there is little Judah,absolutely adorable. Quite possible he just might be you're cookie monster. He did after all cut another tooth this week and that huge grin says he is one satisfied littel man.oh,and did you say ERMAS? 17 days?Grace got her some Chuck Taylors too. low tops flourescent green.Good to see you're big beautiful smile agiab erica. you too aron. Now don't you to know its really an hour later .Lights out you cootie queen and lent lickers you;) Listen to Jo momma now