Thursday, March 25, 2010

our getaway

Spontaneous trips are always a blast. And we definitely needed the quality time.
I don't think I took but a picture or two while we were gone, but luckily others did, so I do have a few captured moments. I think now that my arms are full (of 16lbs of handsomeness), I tend to miss moments I normally would catch. Such is the season. At least I have really buff biceps
(*not Barby K. buff, but buff for me:)).
Isabelle had a blast playing with cousins: Samuel, Chloe, Grace, Eli, Luke & Isaiah.
She & Samuel must have run up this hill 100 times that night. Josh & Daddy made the trek up the hill to have a picnic with the kids. Grandma Jackie did the same the next day with Belle & Chloe.

Grandpas & Golf balls. Good times.
And cute faces young and old.

Aron & Josh are 4 months apart. Now they have sons 4 months apart.

Aron's cousin Chanda & his Aunt Martha Kay opened a cafe on the Ohio River. Such a delightful little restaurant filled with charm, delicious home cookin', & Grandma Kirk's sewing masterpieces. One of the highlights of our trip was a leisurely Thursday afternoon lunch followed by a stroll along the river.

Josh & Kim have frequented RiverBreeze Corner Cafe a few times since its opening, but each time Chanda's famous peanut butter pie has been sold out. We are told by Kara & Brian that this pie is better than Fireside's.

So in perfect Kirk fashion, we ordered dessert first so as to ensure we got our peanut butter pie. And every last crumb lived up to the 'hype'. Next time family visits Michigan and asks if we need anything from we know what to say!
Isabelle shopped the store & chose a topsy turvy doll handmade by Grandma to take home as her treasure.

We spent Thursday evening visiting at Aron's parents where most of his siblings were able to drop in for supper, but we missed the few we didn't get to see.

Friday we grilled steaks at my parents with my sister & the Bunn's as the girls played and Aron & I threw a football in the yard. Quiet, simple, joyous.

Saturday we Pancake Saturday'd with Aron's parents & even enjoyed farm fresh eggs from Uncle Ray & Aunt Pam's chickens. Great pancakes, even better conversations.

Then on our way out of town we were so excited to get to have lunch with a bunch of the Kirk cousins who happened to available on the spur of the moment decision.
Quick moments, but precious ones.
Moments ordained & blessed by God,
Held close to our hearts.


j said...

Sounds and looks like this was just the refreshment your souls were craving. Love the topsy-turvy doll and desperately wanting to try that peanut butter pie! Yum! Glad for you that you had this time...and glad to have you back!

Kurt and Kristine said...

where is this restaurant? I might have to try it out! Still haven't made it down to Fireside but my husband loves peanut butter pie!

beckyjomama said...

Sounds like a Blessed, needed, welcome and treasured blast. Love that you were able to do that. *The pie sounds yummy.
*WE want a topsy turvy doll.
*Peanut Butter pie ... yes please.
*NOBODY has Barby K buff arms - they are one of a kind!
*LOVE me some Kirks!