Wednesday, March 31, 2010

little brother blues

It's a sticky job being the little brother.
I have to bite my tongue when sister "decorates" me in the backseat of the Mounty.

Or when she dresses me up in cowboy hats & butterfly wings.
But I giggle & squeal at even the smallest dose of attention she gives me.
I'm kinda like this Easter Bunny she's been favoring lately. She works up contraptions just for us. This one she dragged into the bathroom during our bath so the bunny could watch our fun.

It may be a tough job, but it is one suited just for me. God made to fit like a glove into this crazy KirkHaven crew.


beckyjomama said...

Too cute - at least it's a Thomas the Tank sticker and not a princess one. He can still hold to a small semblance of his boyhood! Love it!

grandma jackie said...

oh the trials of being the"little brother".I think my boys even got their fingernails painted a time or two.Isabelle has certainly grown into a fine little girl. no longer looks like a toddler. see you guys soon. gonna try and make it up you and thanks for the pics and stories ,they make my day.

j said...

i love his go-with-the-flow attitude. way to be lil' bro! i'm also all too familiar with the "contraptions"...brookie is a pro at this. they are weird, hilarious and very innovative at times! sometimes i look at her and just have to ask "ah...what are you doing?" and of course her answer is always so logical! too cute :)

Kelly said...

Let's hope he has this much tolerance for her ALWAYS!! How sweet is the sibling love.