Saturday, April 3, 2010

Easter Shenanigans

Thursday, April 1
The kids (and their mommy & daddy too) were just ecstatic to get Easter love in the mail from Grandpa & Grandma Kirk & Grandpa & Grandma Gardner.
I have to confess, Isabelle used the candy as toys for the first day. She immediately dumped the packing peanuts and formed a 'nest'. she then took the two oversized eggs that were full of candy & roosted. Perched atop them, she explained, "I am a mama bird, and these are my eggs. I'm hatching them." Once her hatchlings arrived (jelly beans & chocolate), she made beds for each of them and fed them pieces of chocolate bunny.

Once she discovered the coconut filled white chocolate eggs, all games were over. This is her mid-sentence, "These are DELICIOUS, mommy!"
Belle loved her card from Grandma & Grandpa Gardner. She will love it even more when she discovers that piece of paper inside gets her toys at Target!
Judah just loved the envelope. Mom, I bet Dad is saying, "I told you to just sent a card. He doesn't need a check to be fair at his age!" He's probably right, but we do appreciate it. And he is needing a little crib toy to keep him company at night so he will stay in his own bed!
Saturday, April 3
Aron will be leaving the house by 5:30 am on Sunday, so we decided to let Isabelle open her basket Saturday morning.
This is her telling me not to take any pictures of her because it "makes me very sad when you take pictures". As Judah smiles obliviously.
I may be paying for therapy later in life. But I snapped on anyways.

She had to wanted to taste 7:45 am. Peeps are disgusting at this time of morning. Peeps are disgusting at anytime of day, really. I'm not sure why I bought them because as it turns out, none of us like them.
Belle has developed quite a generous spirit. She is readily sharing these days. She wanted to pass out peeps & jelly beans & chocolate from her basket for everyone.

A ball and bat - (for Grandma Jean)
We headed over to the Easter Carnival at church. Judah is still feeling under the weather. Go away FEVER!
Belle loved her daddy helping her win candy at each game.

Judah waited patiently.
And had some 'candy' of his own.
p.s...(for family back home) his hair is coming in LIGHT; the front looks strawberry blond, but the crown of his hair looks white.
We revisted Jesus' walk through Jerusalem. And had a last supper picnic of our own.

And by the end of the day, we were all tuckered out.

Hope you are enjoying your Easter celebrations.

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grandma jackie said...

Looks like you guys had a great time today. love the story of miss belle and her 'nest":) Judah is soooo cute,and so big. Grandma misses them. Give them hugs and kisses for me. love you guys.