Sunday, April 18, 2010

And, he's off!

We've known its coming soon.
The signs have all been there.
After all, it is quite frustrating to play with sister,
and watch her get up & go away
and not be able to do a single thing about it.
But he's been practicing.

Watching very carefully,
And studying just how its done.
Oh yes, this feels right.
Check me out!
Beautiful, proud sister gleaming as she watches!

And so excited for Judah's big day.

How did I do that again? Concentrate...
A little demonstration from SissyBelle
And encouragement from his biggest cheerleader.
And a hug & a kiss when he falls down.

"Let's try again, Bubby."
"Mom! He's doing it!!!"

And he's off & crawling!
And with Belle's imagination, I'm sure you can guess where her mind went when she saw Judah crawling like this:

He is now her puppy dog & they love to play "Fetch".
I love my job!
all our movin' & groovin' love,


j said...

that is awesome and brings much smiling over here! belle looks like such a great and nurturing big sister...she's growing up so fast in this new role. congrats little lion cub! you need to give our little yummy jo some tips! (just kidding...not ready for a mobile baby yet...gotta pick up those legos and polly pocket/barbie doll accessories first!!!) keep on groovin!

beckyjomama said...

Way to go JudahMan!!! Love that boy! And, Sweet IzzyB is SUCH a good sis! SO proud of her!

grandma jackie said...

Go Judah!What a big boy you are.And what about that Isabelle, She is such a good teacher and encourager to her brother.Good job Belle.

Kelly said...

Ok so I'll leave a comment as a friend first, "wow, nice work Judah man and you have such a great big sisssy" and now as a professional, 'right on track, strong yeah for healthy babies"