Friday, April 9, 2010

Killing Desire is Heresy.

I watched a documentary on buddism last night on PBS (called "The Buddah"; very interesting; watch for re-runs), and it talked about how before Buddah became Buddah, he was on a spiritual journey for truth. For awhile, he believed that inner Peace was only acheived by ridding the Self entirely of Desire -- both good and bad. As I watched, I realized I do this as a follower of Jesus, even though it's heresy.

I strive for so many things in life that aren't of God -- desires that drag me away from his Spirit and will. I try to "die daily" to myself, and before long I'm dead. Out of fear, I choke all my desires and hope they die. I'm feeling like there is nothing good in me. I must Kill ALL Desire within to acheive God's will for my life. Sounds good, but...


I just read this this morning:
"The desire of the righteous ends only in good" -- Proverbs 11:23

God says there are good desires within us, and they END ONLY in Good!!! When we follow Christ, we DO die to ourselves, but we don't STAY DEAD! I guess that's the difference between Jesus and everyone else. He died to his own Will and Desire for sure. But he DIDN'T STAY DEAD!!! That's what we just celebrated at church this past week on Resurrection Sunday! The Bible says we are a "new creation" in Christ.

So I find this at work within me:

Daily i am dying--
I'm embarrassed of my inability.
I'm irresponsible.
I'm selfish.

Yet daily I am ressurrected--
I make my child laugh.
I pray for myself and others.
I work to write a song that will inspire others toward Jesus.
I worship Jesus.

Lord, help me recognize the Good desires you have placed within to ressurect my life and lead me onward in Christ. Amen.



beckyjomama said...

We watched the one the night before on mormonism ... wow. Just wow.

j said...

great i was just feeling really tempted to buy 2 darling matching dresses for my girls online! Resisted the desire...appreciating the daily reminder to focus on heavenly desires.

p.s. L-O-V-E-D the sleeping beauty post. precious! erica- need your help with our video problems!