Monday, April 5, 2010

Right Now

A delicate breeze carries melodies from my husband's heart into our home. The birds have joined in and sunshine floods in the open screen door. Belle and Judah, playing on the porch, are a captive audience - their daddy's music a dose of peace and his presence enough. The guitar echos stories of our life: moments of beauty, loneliness, providence, and grace. My heart smiles as Judah's tiny voice joins the birds, the breeze, and the broken voice of a man who cannot get through a song without tears. All to the dance of a tiny girl in a sundress and rain boots collecting treasures of pine cones and sticks.

Life can grow insane at times. And moments like these are desperately needed to bring us back - back to the heart of the Father, back to each other.

And in moments like these, we can once again hear His voice in the whispers. Our spirits are renewed and our bodies strengthened for the journey.



beckyjomama said...

You are a poet!

I love your heart and your words!

(And I love the pics of your Easter babies!)

grandma jackie said...

beautifully spoken. so happy for you for this time of peace and renewing of your spirit. love you

j said...

glad to see you enjoying your "right now"...finding joy and comfort in the lot you've been given and claiming it as yours. beautiful.

p.s. that as me who deleted the previous comment. apparently i was signed in as my brother-in-law! i am not dayce! re-do!