Wednesday, April 14, 2010

catching up

I am I'm going to 'boil down' what should have been several posts to the 'meat & potatoes'. Here it goes:

Bite 1:
Belle hunting eggs with her main man. A few families from church who don't have extended families nearby with whom to celebrate got together for an Easter egg hunt Sunday evening.
Team K. exploring their spoils.

Bite 2:
I honestly never know when I walk into a room how Belle will have dressed up her brother. He's a happy & willing participant...for now.

Bite 3:
I'm venturing into baby food making. The first attempt was a soaring success. I steamed an extra (organic) apple, then proceeded to mash it by hand (which was insufficient to achieve desired consistency). I don't have a food processor, but I am thrifty; so I pulled out my KitchenAid immersion blender (a gift from my mom to make my wifely duty of milkshake making for my husband a little less taxing). The tiny terror pureed those apples into the smoothest texture.
I would highly recommend one for baby food making. Its small and stores easily, and the clean up is a breeze, especially compared to a food processor. The process was so easy and far cheaper than buying Gerber Organic, I can't wait to make more. Oh, and best of all, Judah loved it!
Bite 4:
We hit up Dodge Park with our sweet friends Phil, Mistey, & Chase.
Chase & Judah enjoyed a swing ride together.
While Aron & Belle wrangled dinosaurs.
We took a walk along Clinton River.

And threw a football in the open grass.

And for the final bite, a few last random picts from that evening...

Even a 'boiled down' meal requires dessert (at least at our house)
So here's a treat to pacify your sweet tooth:

Remember the post a few days back entitled Right Now, well after I wrote the post, I ventured out to the porch to find that Belle had given Judah her sweater because "He was cold, mamma." Sweet as honey & simply delightful to my heart.


j said...

Very yummy appetizing photos! Love how compliant lil' Lion Cub is with big sis's wardrobe changes. The photo of the boys swinging together is adorable. (My kids LOVE Dodge Park too.) Now that Berlyn is actually liking baby food I look forward to making my own again...sure beats $0.57 a jar! But I have aways used my mini food processor and it is quite a cleanup chore (thanks for the tip on the handy utensil!) Your beautiful darlings are defintitely as sweet as honey! My kirkbaby appetite is satiated...I feel very satisfied! :)

beckyjomama said...

Love it ... love them ... love you!

Even boiled down.

kara e said...

love seeing your adventures...
miss you all--judah looks good in purple! :)

pkgormong said...

so great erica! I love that you are too thrifty to have a food processor:) hah! Looks like you made due though! Ohhh and your sweet babies are adorable! Love checking up on you all! Love, Kara