Sunday, August 29, 2010

a final word on the birthday boy

Friday morning was Judah's day!
Who? Me?
Oh yeah! That's right! I'm 1!
We started off the morning by revisiting our favorite morning treat - Orchard fresh donuts!
Unfortunately, Belle had been complaining that her "throat hurt" all morning.
Apparently "throat hurts" in 3 year old actually translates to "I feel like I'm going to toss my chocolate milk all over the Orchard Shop Floor". But alas, this message was lost in translation and poor Aron was holding Belle when know...vomited. Look closely at the yellow no slip sign. Yep, we like to mark our territory.

Aron rushed her outside where she...finished...3 or 4 more heaves (gross, I know). But as soon as we wiped her mouth she said, "Okay, I'm ready for my donuts now."
She ate two and had no further problems. Aron lost his appetite and couldn't eat his donuts or coffee. Bummer.

Yuuuuummmm! Apples are ready for the picking. The Gala are DELICIOUS!
Apparently turning 1 makes you a professional stunt man?

Here's a few (I lie...many, many) shots of our 1 year old!

Look at that orneriness! See his clothes which I specifically took off...knowing they'd be ruined after he ate spaghetti? The little stinker dropped his plate full right on his formerly clean clothes.
He found it funny.

By evening the scene was set for a little celebration!
And an impromptu cake
Belle grabbed her camera to capture the special moment.
It only took one taste...
of Buttercream goodness...
And he was ALL IN!
We spent the evening outside, and Judah found every way possible this first day of "1" to be as messy, as busy, and as adorable as possible!

a beautiful day celebrating our 1 year old son!

Friday, August 27, 2010

Happy First Birthday, Judah

Happy First Birthday, Judah! from Aron Kirk on Vimeo.

Judah Paul

Our little man. Our Judah-Popper-Man. J-Cub, Ju-Ju, Judah-Man, Lion Cub, Bubs.

One year ago we sat in amazement - gazing at the wonder of Him, reflected in the wonder of you. One year later, the amazement and wonder continue to grow each day. You are your daddy's joy, your mama's heart, and your sister's delight. Oh the providence that our Creator saw fit to bestow upon us the good gift of you, sweet son.

You are sweet as honey wrapped in wildness. Blue eyes and dimples, golden curls & ornery grins. Your infant melodies cause our hearts to worship, a fitting response to one whose name means "to praise." We ask God that you will walk with Him all the days of your life. That you will delight yourself in all that He is, and that wherever you go, your life will call forth His praise.

"You are a lion's cub, O Judah...". One day you will understand the significance of this calling. One day...when you hear the story of your daddy's dream and the Lions that have walked before you. But for now, we revel in the innocence of your 'cub' ways. You throw yourself on your sister, embracing her face between your chubby hands, and remain a while. Your eyes sparkle when daddy on all fours engages you in play. Squeals of delight and belly laughs erupt from you in a way that you offer to no one else but to him who is your alpha male. You are all curiosity and danger, searching for the next height to climb, the next feat to conquer. But at the end of the day, you want nothing more than to snuggle in next to your mama & be comforted to sleep.

Judah, we celebrate you today. An eternal soul in fleshy form, for a little while. But oh, how we enjoy you - mind, body, & soul. Because of you, our hearts are in incessant worship to the Giver of every good & perfect gift.

Praise on, Lion Cub,

Daddy, Mommy, & Belle

Thursday, August 26, 2010

365 days later

This is year the day. August 26, 2009.
Awaiting baby's blinking eyes, to breathe him in.
The sound of his sweet lungs filling with life.
Anticipating his smell,
Embracing skin so soft it must be a touch of heaven.

Two days past due, we waited.
I sat in front of this laptop...passing the time.
Adoring pictures of a breathtaking Berlyn,
Sending love to husband via the book. Facebook.
A few days later, we revisited the world wide web, only this time, the world was strangely different for Judah. And I could breathe again.
Many a moment we sat in front of this photo booth, an attempt to share him with those who desire to know him.
So from a distance you have watched him grow & change right before your screen.
And today, one year later, I sit no longer feeling the every 6 minute rhythmic tightening which inclined me to wonder, "Will I meet you tonight?"
Instead I am enjoying the wild movements of a boy who cannot get close enough to his mama - or the tantalizing keyboard for that matter.

One year ago, I enjoyed an Erma's custard puff, and I (for the first time ever) refused to share a dessert with my husband, though he pleaded for bites. Six hours later I was cursing that Custard Puff as I revisted every. last. bite. I didn't share.
So tonight we went to Erma's in honor of our special 'last dessert' which beckoned those sweet baby blues into our world.
And I tonight, I shared.

Way too weepy & sentimental for my own good,

pursuing your love

Do any of us ever tire of being pursued? Ever?

I know I don't. Aron left for work and 15 minutes later walked back through the front door from which he'd just left with a delightful, steaming cup of Latte Love. A small gesture in nature, but it communicated to me enormously. He was pursuing my heart.

And it seems our pursuit of Jesus, our pursuit of His heart, his will, his kingdom is a life-long one. One in which we will never 'arrive' until we 'finally arrive' home. To think, he delights in our pursuit! Sometimes I feel silly sitting down in the morning with such small gestures to offer him. But I think the desire to pursue him pleases him.

We are hard-wired to pursue what we desire. Oh how quickly our desires can wander, and our pursuit of those things follows - often without realizing it. I'm reevaluating what it is that my heart is pursuing. Anything less than Jesus is idolatry. And I am guilty of this as of late. It happens subtly, but the Spirit is faithful to 'bind my wandering heart' to his.

So along with me, I am encouraging you to pursue your first love. As my husband has been talking much of this week: put first things first. And along with that, to pursue your spouse. To go out of your way to communicate your love to them in a way that will make their heart 'come alive'. If you're clueless as to what you might do, try asking God to show you a way to love on your spouse that will take them by surprise.

Looking forward to hearing of your pursuits,

Wednesday, August 18, 2010


Got a little picture happy this afternoon with Judah. He's turning one soon & I can't believe how quickly he's growing up.
Usually I weed through the picts and only post a few of each moment.
Today I am sentimental and cannot choose.
So for everyone who is not named "Grandma", you may think the pictures a bit excessive. And that's okay. You are probably right.
Lovin' on his owl Grandma gave him almost a year ago at the hospital.
He got his little foot stuck & was so frustrated.

Singing, singing, singing. ALL day long!
Among other things...

Look how grown up he looks!

oh, J-man, how can it be...almost a year already?!?!
momma's not ready for next week!

excessively yours,