Friday, August 27, 2010

Happy First Birthday, Judah

Happy First Birthday, Judah! from Aron Kirk on Vimeo.

Judah Paul

Our little man. Our Judah-Popper-Man. J-Cub, Ju-Ju, Judah-Man, Lion Cub, Bubs.

One year ago we sat in amazement - gazing at the wonder of Him, reflected in the wonder of you. One year later, the amazement and wonder continue to grow each day. You are your daddy's joy, your mama's heart, and your sister's delight. Oh the providence that our Creator saw fit to bestow upon us the good gift of you, sweet son.

You are sweet as honey wrapped in wildness. Blue eyes and dimples, golden curls & ornery grins. Your infant melodies cause our hearts to worship, a fitting response to one whose name means "to praise." We ask God that you will walk with Him all the days of your life. That you will delight yourself in all that He is, and that wherever you go, your life will call forth His praise.

"You are a lion's cub, O Judah...". One day you will understand the significance of this calling. One day...when you hear the story of your daddy's dream and the Lions that have walked before you. But for now, we revel in the innocence of your 'cub' ways. You throw yourself on your sister, embracing her face between your chubby hands, and remain a while. Your eyes sparkle when daddy on all fours engages you in play. Squeals of delight and belly laughs erupt from you in a way that you offer to no one else but to him who is your alpha male. You are all curiosity and danger, searching for the next height to climb, the next feat to conquer. But at the end of the day, you want nothing more than to snuggle in next to your mama & be comforted to sleep.

Judah, we celebrate you today. An eternal soul in fleshy form, for a little while. But oh, how we enjoy you - mind, body, & soul. Because of you, our hearts are in incessant worship to the Giver of every good & perfect gift.

Praise on, Lion Cub,

Daddy, Mommy, & Belle


beckyjomama said...

Well, if I hadn't already cried in remembrance of this day, that video woulda thrown me over the edge... What a perfectly beautiful year. Happy Birthday J-Cub!

j said...

It turned out perfect erica! i have been thinking sweet thoughts of your birthday boy all day long! i so enjoyed recapping his first year of life...the joy he has brought to your family and to everyone who knows him overflows the heart. seeing him find his place in your family and watching belle come into her own as big sis has been a marvelous enjoyment! you have a beautiful beautiful family! happy birthday handsome man!

grandma jackie said...

beautiful story,beautiful life. love that boy and all of you. felt a tug on my heart all day.hoping you all has a wonderful time celebrating today. anticipating the coming weekend.

Kimberly Kirk said...

Oh wow. That made me a wreck. Beautiful story of God's blessings. Sharing the first year our baby's lives together=very emotional. I didn't know Judah took first steps!! Tell me these things!! I want to celebrate with you!! Love you guys.

Cam and Elisa said...

You have a gift with words...what a sweet birthday blessing. You both are encouragement to Cameron and I. Thanks for your passion for Christ and your commitment to challenge others to draw closer as well!