Wednesday, August 18, 2010


Got a little picture happy this afternoon with Judah. He's turning one soon & I can't believe how quickly he's growing up.
Usually I weed through the picts and only post a few of each moment.
Today I am sentimental and cannot choose.
So for everyone who is not named "Grandma", you may think the pictures a bit excessive. And that's okay. You are probably right.
Lovin' on his owl Grandma gave him almost a year ago at the hospital.
He got his little foot stuck & was so frustrated.

Singing, singing, singing. ALL day long!
Among other things...

Look how grown up he looks!

oh, J-man, how can it be...almost a year already?!?!
momma's not ready for next week!

excessively yours,


Amber said...

No such thing as too many pictures--and I'm not a grandma. But I do love pictures. You can try my solution to the babies growing up, just keep having more!

j said...

Well when you are dealing with subject matter as cute and adorable as Judah, how can you really make any cuts? Loved them all...especially him loving on his owl.

Maybe this is the week of little "almost one year olds" getting their feet stuck? Berlyn's foot and ankle got caught in a cart Monday night and gave me quite the panic...thank God for lotion and calm daddies. Her poor little foot is till bruised.

Next week Erica..."1" is just around the corner!

beckyjomama said...

I cannot believe it has almost been a year. I looked at the calander this morning and almost started crying at the beauty of the memory of watching him take his first breath. I can never tell you what that meant and means to me. Loving J-Cub (and sweet Yummy Jo) is as easy as breathing.

grandma jackie said...

love the ics especially him lovin on his owl:).the diggin for gold ....well,i think thats aguy thing;)

kara e said...

love the pics. he is getting so big, but stayin' just as handsome! i love the pic where he has his foot crossed over the back of his leg. miss you guys!