Thursday, August 26, 2010

365 days later

This is year the day. August 26, 2009.
Awaiting baby's blinking eyes, to breathe him in.
The sound of his sweet lungs filling with life.
Anticipating his smell,
Embracing skin so soft it must be a touch of heaven.

Two days past due, we waited.
I sat in front of this laptop...passing the time.
Adoring pictures of a breathtaking Berlyn,
Sending love to husband via the book. Facebook.
A few days later, we revisited the world wide web, only this time, the world was strangely different for Judah. And I could breathe again.
Many a moment we sat in front of this photo booth, an attempt to share him with those who desire to know him.
So from a distance you have watched him grow & change right before your screen.
And today, one year later, I sit no longer feeling the every 6 minute rhythmic tightening which inclined me to wonder, "Will I meet you tonight?"
Instead I am enjoying the wild movements of a boy who cannot get close enough to his mama - or the tantalizing keyboard for that matter.

One year ago, I enjoyed an Erma's custard puff, and I (for the first time ever) refused to share a dessert with my husband, though he pleaded for bites. Six hours later I was cursing that Custard Puff as I revisted every. last. bite. I didn't share.
So tonight we went to Erma's in honor of our special 'last dessert' which beckoned those sweet baby blues into our world.
And I tonight, I shared.

Way too weepy & sentimental for my own good,


beckyjomama said...

Oh sweet Judah ... you have made this world a sweeter place. You have stolen a bit of my heart and, because of you, I know what a true miracle looks like. I have seen the grace of God that comes with a first breath, a first cry and the gift of a life coming into this world. You, sweet boy, are a child of the King and a gift to us all. Tonight I am thanking God for the gift of your life, for the last beautiful year and for the pleasure it is to know you. And I am praying His sweet and mighty hand over your life for the years to come. I love you J-Cub ... too, too, too much!

Kelly said...

Happy first birthday cutie! Can't believe how much you have grown and changed this year. Loved seeing the progression through the eyes of the computer. Still handsome as ever. Enjoy your day mommy, Judah and family.