Sunday, August 29, 2010

a final word on the birthday boy

Friday morning was Judah's day!
Who? Me?
Oh yeah! That's right! I'm 1!
We started off the morning by revisiting our favorite morning treat - Orchard fresh donuts!
Unfortunately, Belle had been complaining that her "throat hurt" all morning.
Apparently "throat hurts" in 3 year old actually translates to "I feel like I'm going to toss my chocolate milk all over the Orchard Shop Floor". But alas, this message was lost in translation and poor Aron was holding Belle when know...vomited. Look closely at the yellow no slip sign. Yep, we like to mark our territory.

Aron rushed her outside where she...finished...3 or 4 more heaves (gross, I know). But as soon as we wiped her mouth she said, "Okay, I'm ready for my donuts now."
She ate two and had no further problems. Aron lost his appetite and couldn't eat his donuts or coffee. Bummer.

Yuuuuummmm! Apples are ready for the picking. The Gala are DELICIOUS!
Apparently turning 1 makes you a professional stunt man?

Here's a few (I lie...many, many) shots of our 1 year old!

Look at that orneriness! See his clothes which I specifically took off...knowing they'd be ruined after he ate spaghetti? The little stinker dropped his plate full right on his formerly clean clothes.
He found it funny.

By evening the scene was set for a little celebration!
And an impromptu cake
Belle grabbed her camera to capture the special moment.
It only took one taste...
of Buttercream goodness...
And he was ALL IN!
We spent the evening outside, and Judah found every way possible this first day of "1" to be as messy, as busy, and as adorable as possible!

a beautiful day celebrating our 1 year old son!


j said...

aaww! i never tire of looking at photos of your little munchkins. looks ike a very messy fun 1st birthday! the fruit stand scene is so typical huh? i can so see one of my kids doing the same upchuck routine and then begging for donuts immediately following! and love the photo of j in the fridge! i have one similar of brayden when he was a wee one (suppose i should snap one of berlyn too since she is in there every chance she gets!) it's gonna be a fun year! here's to many more messy times!

j said...

and OF COURSE the spaghetti found the clean clothes! (lol)

grandma jakcie said...

sorry you didnt get any donuts aron.judah looks like he is a little boy. especially the pic where he is standing in the door with the jeans and t shirt on.loved all the pics. cant wait to see you all this weekend to celebrate both there birthdays.:)

beckyjomama said...

Love that boy ... so, so much!

Kurt and Kristine said...

your kids are so adorable (must take after their beautiful mom!). Love getting a little peek into your lives! And the daredevil boy thing is natural, I can't think of how many times I think Kaden is going to hurt himself!

Cam and Elisa said...

what beautiful moments captured! He is just so cute! I love the spaghetti dinner!
I am also trying not to feel jealous as I think about this Orchard place you go to for donuts. Oh how I long to taste them! I guess I will have to settle for dreaming about them tonight. I dont think I can plan a visit in the morning (the plane ride takes over 24 hours)
Eat some for me will ya?