Wednesday, August 4, 2010

A birthday Prayer

My Creator,
The one who pieced me together,
and filled my veins with Your lifeblood.

In the first moments
You filled my lungs with your air.
Even now, you breathe into me your Spirit.

My soul yearns to know you more.
More this year, than last.
I want to love you as the greatest End,
and forsake using you as a means to any other end.
Forgive my idolatry.

This year, fill my moments with your voice.
Sing to me the wonders of your great love.
Cause my feet to dance as I sense you draw near.
Pursue me when my eyes begin to wander.

Discipline me when my heart needs teaching,
Train me in the ways of your Son.
Cleanse me of unrighteousness,
And fill my mouth with your truth.

Grow in me the fruit of your Spirit,
pruning every branch in me that does not bear fruit.
I want to live '26' as you see fit.

Teach me what it means to love you
As I learn what it means to love others.
To empty myself for the sake of my brother.

Oh, my Creator!
This is my birthday prayer.


j said...

Hey birthday was just last week...can I make this my birthday prayer too (except i'll have to trade in the "26" for "35"!) ...All good things because as we grow, we grow in Him. Beautiful words Erica...I know He is listening.

beckyjomama said...

M too ... only 42 (sigh)

I am praying all that and so much more over you!!!