Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Mealtime Misbehavior

The same scene plays out every meal.
Every meal, I tell you.

The arrival of food holds his attention for about 2 minutes...

He takes a few bites, but then
He gets a look in his eye; its as if you can see him thinking,
"Puh-lease! Just sitting here, self-feeding and all, that was so two weeks ago...

...Check me out. Standing. Eating. Danger is my middle name, and I make it look good!"
"Victory. I have conquered my HighChair. You are no match for The Lion Cub."
"What? You want me to sit down?! I laugh at danger!"
"And I'm so stinkin' cute, mommy & daddy don't stand a chance!"


grandma jackie said...

i love it!so cute!made me smile. and you probably are outmatched.

beckyjomama said...

Oh, this boy has my heart ... I cannot resist the J-Cub.

Kelli said...

Resistance is futile. Welcome to the dark side.