Thursday, August 26, 2010

pursuing your love

Do any of us ever tire of being pursued? Ever?

I know I don't. Aron left for work and 15 minutes later walked back through the front door from which he'd just left with a delightful, steaming cup of Latte Love. A small gesture in nature, but it communicated to me enormously. He was pursuing my heart.

And it seems our pursuit of Jesus, our pursuit of His heart, his will, his kingdom is a life-long one. One in which we will never 'arrive' until we 'finally arrive' home. To think, he delights in our pursuit! Sometimes I feel silly sitting down in the morning with such small gestures to offer him. But I think the desire to pursue him pleases him.

We are hard-wired to pursue what we desire. Oh how quickly our desires can wander, and our pursuit of those things follows - often without realizing it. I'm reevaluating what it is that my heart is pursuing. Anything less than Jesus is idolatry. And I am guilty of this as of late. It happens subtly, but the Spirit is faithful to 'bind my wandering heart' to his.

So along with me, I am encouraging you to pursue your first love. As my husband has been talking much of this week: put first things first. And along with that, to pursue your spouse. To go out of your way to communicate your love to them in a way that will make their heart 'come alive'. If you're clueless as to what you might do, try asking God to show you a way to love on your spouse that will take them by surprise.

Looking forward to hearing of your pursuits,

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