Thursday, August 5, 2010

life's tiny moments, our great treasure

A few captured moments this week:

He makes a cute noise when he plays with Aron's sword. Yes, I said Aron's sword. I think Judah will be getting his own from Grandma for his birthday.
Daddy came home for lunch.

Duets (notice the handmade sheet music?)
Errands...lots of errands.

A date with mom!

And time with her bestie, Evy!

Stealing kisses (she'll love on me...but nothing like the way she does her daddy).

Ahhhh, my boys. Need I say more?

Judah's baby GQ shot.

Dancin' in the moonlight.

Yikes! 11 months & already LOVES to be KING of the remote.
Lots of handmade cards in our house.

Lion Cub wondering how he can circumnavigate the gate.
Aron signing Seth & Alainna's wedding license.

Judah with Papaw K. at the wedding.

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beckyjomama said...

Love, love, LOVE it all. Cannot believe it has almost been a year! Love your family, so much. And J-Cub's shoes ... too much!