Monday, July 11, 2011

We are alive over here

I know you may find that fact hard to believe, as our digital footprint may suggest otherwise. But we are indeed alive. And well. Very well, in fact. The summer has simply ushered in more life than we have hours in the day, and so documenting it has just had to fall by the wayside for a while. Some days it feels like surfing a wild, exhilarating wave - sun soaked, salty skin alive for the ride. Other days we do well just to keep our heads above the water - the weight of unending responsibilities, unrelenting emotion, undying dreams, and unceasing whining (can I get an amen?!) threatening to pull us under. But this story is a familiar one. You could completely resonate, could you not?

This is life - the tension between mindblowing beauty and heartstopping despair, earthshaking freedom and shackling captivity. We strain forward toward the former, though at times beaten down by the latter. The One who is the Radiance of God's glory calls us to him, and he walks alongside us as we press into him, press on toward the goal. And as we learn to quiet ourselves, to hear his voice, He works even our unyielding circumstances, our frustrating relationships, our painful memories to set us free from imprisonment of self. Free to be a glory giver, free to be fully alive. And through the struggle (to use a line from one of Aron's songs) he sustains us with pleasures from His hand, empowers us with his very presence, showers us with blessing upon blessing. And in his leading and laying down by still water and in verdant pasture, satisfaction joins hands with peace and settles down among us.

Since moving away from our families we have chosen to spend our vacation time each year reconnecting with them. We had the great privilege to spend a chunk of time with those nearest and dearest last week. We prayed to the Lord that he would be near, that His presence would usher in moments of love and quality time, of connection and community. A big ole' lump rises in my throat as I consider all the ways He answered this prayer of our hearts. Enjoy.


Kurt and Kristine said...

so glad you guys were able to get away for some blessed time with your family. Nothing beats family time and some much needed r & r!

beckyjomama said...

Love it - I know it did your heart good and that makes MY heart HAPPY! Love you guys!

tbailey said...

you have been gifted to capture the profound beauty in moments that have become gentle staples in your family's lives. What blessing and true joy bubbles in the hearts of those who are gifted to know you