Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Make the ordinary, EXTRAORDINARY

It takes less effort than you might think.

Last night for dinner Spaghetti was on the menu (a kid favorite, but not so special for the adults). Nothing could be more ordinary a meal than this classic.

Yet the four of us had the time of our life.

We themed our night, "Little Italy". We tuned Pandora to the likes of Rosemary Clooney's "Mambo Italiano" and "That's Amore", and instantly we were transported to another land. Belle and I donned our aprons, and she was my junior chef (she LOVED this!). A glass pitcher filled with water (just like the restaurants) placed on the table and a few stemmed glasses, and our humble little stage was set. Just before eating we took the opportunity to teach Belle about the work of the Kingdom all over the world, and we prayed for a friend of ours that is traveling in Italy meeting with church planters.

Simple, simple, simple. But SO. MUCH. FUN!

Life is extraordinary, even the mundane.
I'd love to hear your experiences of how you infuse extraordinary into your world.
For His glory!

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Jenni said...

Ahh -- Erica! Reading this post makes my heart so happy. Seriously. I'm wondering if you have more than one friend in Italy traveling to meet church planters... ;) But thanks for the prayers!

Right now I'm in Sicily (my initial thoughts: Jurassic Park island, LOST -- simply beautiful with the mountains and the sea). I'm halfway through my travels. God is doing His work here in Italy. Just praying for clear direction.