Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Right where I am

Lion cub has entered the world of bovine meets canine.

He just walked up to me, made puppy dog noises, and then slapped a cow kiss on me that would make his daddy proud.
Belle is playing puppy too. This is her sad puppy face.
And like any good puppy...always into mischief.

I love this season.
I wouldn't trade these moments with my babies for anything.
Not a million dollars or glamour or travel or big houses or fine clothes.
My heart beats in their smiles and my lungs fill with their delight.
I am so thankful, so blessed, to be able to spend these ever fleeting moments with them.
And I am so humbled and honored that God chose me to fill this role.

Thank you, Good Father, for placing me right where I am.
Living in the moment,


Kimberly Kirk said...

Amen, sister! Such precious moments these days are filled with. Love you.

beckyjomama said...

The rate at which these moments pass is alarming to me ... cherish, soak in, comemorate and treasure them all.

Love you!!!