Thursday, November 11, 2010

Rusty Facts

Driving on our way to the circus,
Aron's singing loudly one of his favorite John Mark songs,
"Skeleton bones stand at the sound of eternity on the lips of the found..."
(if you've ever been in the car with Aron when he's know he has one volume - piercingly loud.)

Our ever inquisitive 4 year old begins a series of questions about skeletons and bones. Aron attempts to answer.

"You have a skeleton. Its made up of all your bones."

"I can't feel them!" Belle cries out.

"Yes you can!" Aron returns. "Feel your elbow."
"Or feel your feet. You have 206 bones in each foot! Just ask Mom."

Sorry, babe. Can't back you up on this one.
That would be 206 bones in the entire human skeleton.

But to your credit, it would be really cool if we had 206 bones per foot. Think of the "toe picking" you could do on your acoustic!
You fill my world with funny bones & rusty tunes. I love you!

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Kelly said...

cracking up here. i am sure not everyone will find it as funny as you and i