Thursday, October 27, 2011

for remembering

Bedtime prayers just keep getting more...interesting, and we frequently find ourselves silently shaking with laughter, trying to not to give away just how amused we are.

"Dear God,
Thank you for this pony, thank you for llamas."
Judah (interjecting):
"Thank you for breakfast!"
"Thank you for beds. Thank you for my SPLEEN!" (and she was so enthusiastic about her gratitude for her SPLEEN!)

Speaking of breakfast,
Wednesday morning, Judah stumbled into our room announcing, "I'm HUN-gry!"
Scooping him up I asked what he'd like for breakfast.
Without hesitating he answered his standard request, "Saus-shage". After explaining that we were all out of sausage, I asked what else he would like.
"Cake!" And wouldn't you know, we were fresh out of cake too. He went on to request chips, hamburger, cookie, and brownie for breakfast. Mind you, none of the above (with the exception of sausage) is ever served for breakfast. He had to settle for plain old homemade oats, but you can't blame a boy for trying!

And earlier today I said to Belle,
"Grandma Jackie says you did such a good job keeping our secret about our baby."
"Well," she responded, "It is my duty, afterall. What else could I do?!"

It is rarely dull around here; its a good thing we like it that way!

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j said...

this is too cute. i see so much of you in belle. our household faces disappointment during breakfast too as requests for chips and brownies are often declined despite our two year old's earnest pleas. :)