Wednesday, December 21, 2011


Oh what fun the last few weeks have been!
Belle and I made cookies for her class Christmas party today. I have had a blast volunteering in her classroom twice this week (once to paint their Christmas party shirts and again today for the party)!

 Ever the nurturer, Belle grabbed an extra cookie to save for case her classmates ate them all up and left none to bring home for him!
 We made gingerbread ornaments, macaroni wreaths, gift bags, snowflake ornaments, and reindeer food!
 When I walked in the classroom, several of her classmates exclaimed, "Its Belle's mom!" This is new to be known by my child's name, but I liked the sound of it ringing off their excited little voices.

 and because I simply cannot emasculate my son any longer, bookended as he is by his lovely lady siblings, I am trying to neutralize their bedroom a little at a time. I've posted enough pictures of him dreaming in pink...I had to even the score a little.
 He is ever the boy, pink sheets or blue. But for the sake of his tiny man ego which may very well one day resent me for allowing the pink to go on so long...I post a shot of penance. 


beckyjomama said...

oh sweet J-man ... you have my heart! You fierce, manly lion cub!!! And Belle, your sweet, sweet spirit is just delicious! And E - I heart you!

grandma jackie said...

love the shirt you made isabelle!you did such a good job .love the blue sheets and yes they do match his quilt .