Thursday, March 1, 2012

March 1, 2012

I find myself too tired for pouring out of words or coherent thought as of late.
But the pictures are story enough, I suppose.

(you may have to click the full screen button in lower right to see these...not sure why they're so dark)


j said...

The one with Judah's hand down his pants is cracking me up! Such a natural occurence in our house too when a son is in our midst. Especially love the one with belle next to if to say, "this is just a normal day!" You glow with beauty and your family does too. You are going to handle this "mommy of three" thing with ease, even with the challenge of (heart beating rapidly) cloth diapering! If anyone can do it...I know you can! So excited for you and the changes, additions, excitement and marvel that is about to come in the next few weeks.

grandma jackie said...

are precious! the one with judah lying on aron chest smiling is priceless! thank you for and miss you guys