Monday, November 12, 2012

we're straddling two worlds, at the edge of a leap of faith.
our man is working hard all day and comes home to juggle a family that needs him and a full evening worth of work for this baby God is growing through him.

so I'm sure one would understand how a little stress relief might do a family good.
boys vs. girls style.
until the little rambo shoots his mama in the eye at point blank range, and mama calls it all off, says its too dangerous if we're going to shoot each others' eyes out.
this is not a christmas story, and you are never getting a bb gun, child.

you can blame your daddy for that one. ask him how a bb chasing a bird ricochets off an old barn, turns straight back at him and hits him square in the eye. thankfully, a closed eye. he'd explain it was his impressive reflexes; i know it was the grace of God. there are too many of these stories.

like most times, he talks the killjoy right out of me, and i bet he wished he didn't. girls dominated the next two rounds, victory in the name of my right eye.


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What a precious picture!!