Monday, April 25, 2011

when words just can't paint the beauty the heart longs to tell

*to catch a better view, click on the picture to enlarge

This world, fallen and expectant - awaiting redemption's final word, oh how it can squeeze, coiling around as it suffocates the life right from us. At least our joy and at most our passion, our will, our purpose - our communion with our God. This weekend we quieted ourselves to consider the greatest tragedy the universe has ever known; pondered with broken hearts and bowed heads a God sacrificed for our betrayal. A torn body, a torn veil - God and man in communion again. Oh, but at what great cost! We moved from sorrow to disbelief and on to utter gratitude as the reality of Sunday's empty tomb fills our lives with the fullness of the promises of a resurrected Saviour, a resurrected heart. A life laid down, crucified with Christ, and a life risen and bursting LIFE with the fullness of the Godhead living within. This the miracle of our Easter.

This the hope of my tiny children, my precious niece. With a world of evil and pain awaiting them, yet an eternity of glory expecting them. This my sacred calling; to help them understand. Even in simple ways, as much as a 4 year old can understand. I pray for the words. I pray for the authenticity. I pray they will understand - one day, and today the same.

But for now, I capture my little piece of Eden - life as it should be, if only in a few frames. The glory of the sun, telling a larger story of the glory of the true Son, who will one day very soon be our very light.
*Check out the full album on facebook to see the rest of the adorable shots of the littles. All 90 something of them. I tried to whittle the album down, but I just couldn't muster the strength to delete many of them!


Amber said...

Beautiful! Love Judah's shirt. My kids ate chicken legs on Easter too. There's something so cute about them being so small and holding up that leg.

beckyjomama said...

y'all are precious!

j said...

I love the balloon shots! A nice splash of color in each pose. And what is it about Easter and bubbles? They seem to go hand in hand! Looks like you enjoyed a lovely day with family and were able to embrace all that this time of year truly means.

Kelly said...

beautiful, love the water in the background. simple, fun, joy filled days. may they always have these kinda days!

Denise said...

You did a great job with the pictures! They are all too precious!