Wednesday, February 1, 2012

on academia

someone got called to the office today.
and we gushed.

 and someone else is learning at a school of his own.
i was thoroughly amused to walk in the room and find school in session. there sat judah lined up with the other pupils reciting their months of the year. big sisters are intense teachers, let me tell you.



beckyjomama said...

Sweet Izzy-B, I am SO proud of you!!! And J-Cub you are a great little student! Love you both!!

j said...

this just makes me smile...smiling for the proud girl and the proud mama. its moments like these that can shed such light and perspective and remind us about the true treasures we are to store away and go after. integrity is taught and learned by example...good job mom and dad for "training up." seeds planted and watered and already sprouting at such a tender age. i think the angels in heaven were gushing too.

Mammaw jackie said...

So proud of you Isabelle.and momma and daddy too.Judah you are such a good student too! :)

mammaw jackie said...

i think the photo of judah lined up with the "other" students is absolutely adorable.