Sunday, February 17, 2013


i've got words, but the tongue is a wildfire.
so i hold them close and lay them down.
death of self for life of heart.

i've got feelings, but they paint a wounded heart.
so i bleed them out and let them puddle.
trust in Him over trust in perception.

i've got a choice, but the holy is so hard.
and some days, the bitter just tastes so sweet.
chewing on hurt like a glutton, i know it will choke me dead.
so i cast down rights and chose this day life,
forgiveness seventy times seven.

1 comment:

Amanda Schrieber said...

and in time, you will reap the blessings of this choice. you are loved friend. and you are right, "the holy is hard." often requiring more of ourselves than we could ever give or do, if left to do so only by our own flesh. thankfully we are equipped with His Spirit...and the incomparably great power within us that can do above and beyond anything we could ever imagine. even the bitter and the hard. you are wrapped in prayer.