Saturday, October 2, 2010


The fall of the rain,
The chill in the air,
The fevers among us,
Couldn't touch the cozy in our home today.

"Uhhhh, Sissy, I think you're going to need these today!"
This was my grocery cart when I was a one year old - 25 years ago.
Trying to play...though the body's aching.
Popsicles for the feverish (Aron & I are holding strong).
Notice how Judah stops and watches the "BAll".


grandma jackie said...

love the cozy,hate the fever and cold. is judah sick now too.i sure hope you guys.its cold here too:(

Kelli said...

Sorry you are all under the weather. Make sure you get a CD of Aron's sermon. It. was. awesome.

j said...

i read this sweet post a couple of days ago but i'm just getting a chance to respond...NO sickies! go away! i am not looking forward to this season of sickness. i am praying for health and wellness for your household! it's a good thing those little sweeties are so darn cute and adorable even when filled with fever!

hoping to see you thursday at bible study....and according to darcy, i ditto kelli's comment about aron's sermon on sunday. i'd like to listen to it too. darcy said it was one of the best messages he has ever heard. so, on behalf of my husband, thanks to aron for bringing a good WORD! love you guys!