Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Shine On, Rose, Shine On

Tiny One,
So delicate and fair - a little lady in everyway.
Do you know how you shone with the love of Jesus today?
You made mommy's heart sing with joy as I watched you on the playground.

I had you pegged as my quiet, shy girl just a year ago.
My, how you have blossomed into a butterfly of relationship.
We spent the entire afternoon in the warmth of the sun -
Climbing, jumping, colliding with the October air.

And though you had no buddy to play with,
You did not hurt for companionship.
As if you'd never met a stranger,
You walked right up to child after child,
grabbing them by the hand and asking them to play.
Each child - though a little timid at first -
was glad to have a friend, and within moments
laughter erupted and play ensued.
The love of Jesus was pouring out of your little heart
into these new-found friends.

And as each friend exited - teary eyed & begging to stay,
You'd search out another.
Just before leaving, I could not believe my eyes.
You had assembled a group of four girls -
Girls who were twice your size & so very different.
They followed you around each play scape -
listening carefully as you navigated them through
And beckoned them in to your world of play.
You burst out in song at the top of your lungs -
then called for them to join in.
And the did. They followed you,
Singing along to your freshly written song.

My little firecracker.

So small, but bursting with dazzling light in brilliant color.
I see, sweet girl, that God has made you a leader.
He has made you to pursue the hearts of others -
To burst forth with His love,
Illuminating and warming the hearts of His children.
You sparkle for His glory,
Telling His story.

You were radiant with His love today.
And He was singing over you.
Shine on,


Woollard House said...

to watch "the Rose" blossom is a beautiful thing.
tears fall from my cup overflowing, at the joy of her momma's knowing...
the beauty of The Rose.

grandma jackie said...

i need me a Rose fix. she is definitley a little leader. love her so much and love watching her of my favorite things.hugs and kisses Isabelle Rose.grandma loves you .

Kelly said...

This post brings back fond memories of Nicole at Belle's age, asking anyone and everyone on the play ground to be her friend. Sooo cute!