Saturday, October 30, 2010

He. Is. So. Faithful.

There are seasons when the cold winds of circumstance swirl around you, the shadows of disappointment cast over you, and shuttering in the quiet place, you ask yourself the age old question, "Can I trust your heart toward me is good? Even in this?"

October found us in this place. Knowing not where to turn, but only that He is the only Good worth pursuing, we leaned into the cold, into the shadows, and invited Him to expose us to the elements to bring us face to face with Him. Our hearts stripped bear as the trees around us, we stood raw and desperate before Him.

Can I tell you that God does not strip to leave us there - naked, alone, & ashamed. No. That is the way of the enemy. Our God strips to set free. He peels back calloused skin, our defenses and false identities which protect the tender places. Revealing layers of years of lies believed - about Him, about self. And in those moments, marrow exposed, your flesh warms and your heart begins to beat to the cadence of His voice.

Suddenly circumstance and disappointment bow down to the purposes of the Holy One of Israel. And lesser desires which promised to satisfy turn to stone in the presence of I Am. As you take up that promise and delight yourself in the Lord, you find the desire of you heart was Him along. Breathless and clothed in love, you stand before your Very Great Reward, overwhelmed at His faithfulness. Overwhelmed that He was in that cold swirling wind and lurking in the shadows, drawing you into this place, for this purpose. Overwhelmed that He moves Heaven and Earth for intimacy with those so insignificant. Trembling, you know what He has come for. But you lock eyes with Eternity and His Love reassures you as you place your most precious gift in His hands. Your life laid down, in a moment your life saved and found.


j said...

resonating fully! thanks for sharing. glad to see Him shining in this season of your life. indeed He is our very great reward. sometimes we understand this more completely once we've stood and walked through those cold winds of circumstance. could we fully embrace His faithfulness without them? He works all things out for good! bless you!

Kurt and Kristine said...

this is what I needed to hear this morning...I love reading your beautiful words. Funny, my husband preached on this same thing this morning (I asked him if he was preaching to me and he said not the whole time, lol)