Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Blazing August

we love august 'round here.
half our little family's birthdays fall in this month,
as it shimmers with the final flying sparks of summer's glory.

(look at lion cub's smile...he's been flashing that grin so often lately - especially when he's into ornryness!)
and if two birthday's weren't enough,
there's a love story to celebrate to boot.
august: chalked full of moments of the divine coming near,
smiling on his children, giving gifts so abundant, his fingerprint is unmistakable.
we thank you, our God, for every passing moment,
the overflow of your presence so tangible
and worth more than any treasure or fame.
You are our Very Great Reward,
the delight of our collective heart.
Blaze on, August!
you lead us through life and love,
into autumn's bounty.

1 comment:

mammaw cackie said...

august is a BIG month of celebrations for you thats for sure!say CHEESE Judah!!LOL>love those big beautiful smiles!