Monday, August 8, 2011

when daddy trains for a tri

Someone watches very closely.

He grabs his boots to hit the trail, but must resign to watch from afar.!

He BEAMS with pride and testosterone when daddy gives him a chance on the ole pull up bar.

And then, he never wants to get off.

Ever. Aron and I switch back and forth as our arms tire out.

"UP! DOWN! UP! DOWN!" he commands, as he simulates daddy's chin ups!

Meanwhile...this one, sick as can be, tries to sleep off an unrelenting fever, but keeps waking her self up unable to breathe. Poor thing sounds like a freight train. She isn't too congested, so I'm wondering if its not her tonsils/adenoids making all that ruckus (they are pretty swollen)?!

Life in a nutshell for us this week,


Kelli said...

Awww poor Belle.

But way to go Judahman!

beckyjomama said...

Poor Belle - H was NOT that sick. Hers was just low grade stuff at the end of each day, and she was grumpy with a cough, but that was it.. Poor sweet girl.

But, J-Cub ... you da man! LOVE it!

grandma cackie said...

h precious Belle!Grandma hopes you are feeling better.hugs and kisses to you. Erica,i think in these pics judah looks alot like some of the phitis i remember seeing of you as a child. I bet you guys both got a great work out helping him.:)Good job Judah!:)