Sunday, September 18, 2011

dreams of Russia

I spent the length and the breadth of my sleeping hours wrapped in thoughts of this family.
Meet Phillip & Kara, Adalynn & baby Gwen.
They chased Jesus to Vladimir, Russia, where they are planting a church and making disciples in an almost entirely unreached city.

Kara and I met just before 7:50 am one brisk Tuesday morning, 18 years young and bleary eyed, in our very first ever college class at Indiana Wesleyan - Mrs. Porter's English Composition. Phil was a sophmore in leadership in Aron's freshmen only dorm that same year. I don't really remember when exactly Phil and Kara became an item, but it was clear to everyone they loved each other deeply. And now, 9 years later, half way across the world, Aron and I are honored to support them as they live out the call on their lives.

Last October Phil and Kara were raising support in a nearby church, and we were so excited to be able to spend the afternoon with them, reconnecting and reminiscing. They told us of the sadness and hopelessness common to the people of Russia, long smothered and suppressed by harsh government and virtually unreached with the hope of Christ.

And so in a foreign city on the other side of the world, where hearts and ground are frozen alike, this precious young family has abandoned all comfort and worldly wisdom to live in a high rise apartment and go about the awkward task of learning a culture not their own. Not because its fun or adventurous; infact it seems to be quite the opposite: uncomfortable, counterintuitive, lonely. But they have counted the cost and found it worth the sacrifice. What an inspiration to me! You can follow their journey here on their blog:

And join us in praying for them in both their personal adjustment to their new city and their mission of hope and faith. Their task is enormous, but I know the Lord is with them.


Cam and Elisa said...

Well said Erica!

pkgormong said...

aw thanks Erica! We so appreciate your prayers, love, and support that go out to us. We sure do see the power of prayer through you all! Can you believe we met on our first day of class in english comp?! OH MY!