Monday, September 19, 2011

It is well

Monday, it rains, as if to live up to its reputation.
And my soul, it pays no attention.

Already my heart has pioneered through mountain and valley, and its only 9 am.

Beauty and grace flood as I consider the significance of this day. Five years ago a gift unexpected was placed into our arms, not yet five pounds, fragile and delicate, but each perfect, heaven-kissed breath smelled of mercy and sang of love.

And that same lacey child just danced out the door, galoshes splashing in cadence with the falling rain. Anticipation served for her as an umbrella - arms full of birthday treats to share with stranger-friends. And she leaves in her wake a rainbow of smiling hearts, all colored with gentleness and imaginative delight.

Earlier, when the house was still quiet and all but me were still cozy in their dreams, my thoughts turned to Grandma and how it must feel to know there stands but hours and numbered breaths between this bittersweet life and all His promises fulfilled. Our hearts moan and grieve what death steals in the here and now, but if we could only wrap our minds around the inheritance awaiting as she passes from life to LIFE, never truly tasting death's bitter cup because of the cup Jesus accepted in Gethsemane's wrestling.

Even in our own wrestling, in our Jesus and our Jacob moments, we are not condemned for our humanity, or worse, annihilated as we justly deserve. I think Jesus' garden struggle proves that he understands how hard it is for us to submit to the ultimate good when our eyes can only see the pain before us. The grace he gives as we work out our salvation is nothing short of stunning. A picture of a God that loves from everlasting to everlasting, stretching out his kindness before us from horizon to horizon (have you ever tried to capture the whole horizon in your view? try'll grow dizzy trying, but I promise it can't be done. And so you will never be able to fully capture the entire spectrum of His kindness, faithfulness, and love for you. Its beyond us, encircles us.).

Because of this, and in all these ponderings, even before coffee and cream, I can say, it is well with my soul.
(if you have the time, grab a cup of something warm, close your eyes, and allow yourself a few moments to soak this in).


Mama Jo said...

BEAUTIFULLY written! I am saddened by your earthly loss, but so touched by the beautiful rendition of "It Is Well".
Love, birthday wishes, and sympathy being sent your way today.

beckyjomama said...

You are ALWAYS in my prayers! And you are so very loved. XOOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOX

momma kirk said...

beautiful erica.God places within each of us gifts and He used you this am to prepare us and help us through this time. I felt like I could feel her rising up into the heavens. :)