Thursday, September 29, 2011

on milking cows and county fairs

first the county you might understand the milking cows.
We decided to stay an extra day in Brown County following Grandma's funeral to get to re-experience a tradition near and dear to our hearts - the county fair.
Most people are surprised to hear all the schools in the county dismiss school for the entire week of the fair...not because of the rides or the amazing pork tenderloin sandwiches, but because of the high number of students that participate in 4-H events that require them to be at the fairgrounds throughout the day all week.
Aron has always loved the demolition derby, which we stayed late enough to enjoy. But truly, the tractor pulls hold a special place in my heart (mainly because it was during one noisy, screeching pull in 1999 that Aron first told me that he loved me...I had to ask him to repeat it because I couldn't hear him over the massive, over-sized jet engines mounted on the mega-tractors. you can swoon or laugh hysterically now...which-ever).
But truly, when you're not confessing your undying love for someone, we all know the real romance of the fair is the food.
We were surprised to learn that Judah would completely agree. Late Monday night after we'd returned back to Papaw & Mammaw's house, we were attempting to wind the kids down for their midnight bedtime. As I changed Judah into his pumpkin pj's, I asked him, "What was your favorite part of the fair tonight?"
Without hesitating he answered, "FRIES!" I probed further inquiring what else he enjoyed. "SAM-WHICH!" he squealed, referring to the most delicious pork tenderloin one has ever tasted. The pork producers of Brown County outdo themselves year after year.

We hung around the grandstands and watched the parade.
And the kids rode real rides for the first time ever.
We toured through the animal barns, meeting up with family members as the night went on. It was so wonderful to see every one.

Aron risked a sour stomach to have the opportunity to 'love' on eli on the sizzler. I still can't believe our oldest nephew is as big as Aron now. Aye, me.
The kids fell quickly in love with the "Little State Fair".

And subsequently, have been playing various farm games since we got home. Tonight, Aron and I received tickets to visit the barn. As it turns out, I was quickly cast as a milk cow and Aron a hen by the "Farming Cowgirl".

As I moo'd, Belle 'milked' and explained to Aron, "You have to be really gentle when you milk; otherwise, you'll pull the milkers right off." Nicely put, my little one. I must admit, she had excellent technique. (*check out her little pail of milk and the barn cat meowing on my back).
Aron had too much dignity to allow me to capture him 'laying eggs', but you can imagine;)

And below, Belle scattered chicken feed for the hens.

I am so behind in posting life. Check out facebook for more pictures if you'd like to see more.


Kurt and Kristine said...

Looks like you guys had a good time down here! We've been here almost 5 years and still haven't made it out to the fair (my sitter takes that week off so I think that throws us into crazy mood) Hopefully we'll head out next year when both boys are alittle bigger.

j said...

Looks like much needed food and comfort for the soul...and to come at such perfect timing, a gift. Glad to see you were able to soak in many things you love with the people you cherish.

Cam and Elisa said...

Cute!! Creativity at its finest! Looks like AMAZING chicken feed. I would eat that right up off the floor :)

Denise said...

Too funny wth the playing farm! You guys need to go the Armada Fair. It's in the middle of August.