Wednesday, November 30, 2011

decking the halls

 quietly, unspoken dread filled my heart when I thought about decorating this year.
another year, another tree in our tiny rented condo.
i thought if I had to decorate against a backdrop so not me one more time, I might implode from creative frustration. 
but the time had come, and I knew we needed to...for the kids.
and wouldn't you know...
it was the 'fun-est' year ever decking our halls.
ugly mirror and all.

 we were completely unprepared for how ecstatic the kids would be...the whole time
the kids went diving into bins pulling out tinsel and ornaments...aron and I could have sat back and let them do all the work!

But then there were several, several broken bulbs!
and rather than hang ornaments from the tree, judah insisted on hanging ornaments from other ornaments.
"I hold on TIGHT" he said (after flipping over the ladder into the tree). mercy.

We were so excited to pull out everyone's stocking...

but then...Belle found an extra stocking at the bottom of a bin, pulling it out exclaiming, "Is this the baby's stocking?!"
Aron and I jumped to our feet, excited and laughing and in disbelief. I have been looking for several weeks for the perfect stocking for baby girl, to no avail. I had completely forgotten that I purchased this one on clearance last year...for one day. After looking it over, we all agreed this was the PERFECT stocking for our baby now 5 socks dangle from our hearth (oh so unattractive as it is). aron is ready to choose a name so I can get to work embroidering! I can't take that kind of pressure, though! Once I stitch that name, we're not going back. So I'm doing my best to persuade my husband that I will have plenty of time this winter or next to etch her name in our traditions.

We tried to get a picture with all 3 of our babies...which was completely and entirely impossible with as crazy hyper as they were:

i give up!

how about i tickle you instead?!

we filled out hearts with the best of the christmas song and remembering and laughter and shimmering smiles by glowing tree
and pumpkin cookies...lots of pumpkin cookies.
do you see that empty plate in the center of our table?
there were layers of the moist delicacy for our decorating snacking pleasure.
every last one...gone! (i think the fresh pureed pumpkin took them to a whole notha level of sinfulness)
sorry, Santa, maybe next year!


grandma jackie said...

isn't that just how God works!when e are dreading or holding back God sends a blessing to remind us He is there taking care of us. The ages of your children are perfect for creating the best of times for you. cherish these moments(i know you do ) for these are the magical years when you can see everything thru a fresh set of eyes not jaded by this world.than you for sharing warmed my heart to see you ahving so much fun and enjoying your family

beckyjomama said...

I know it's not what you want, but you make it beautiful. And your family is full of joy because the hearts are true. I love ya E and am SO proud of you!!! You love well!