Tuesday, November 29, 2011

sleep in heavenly peace

With all the space of a big bed, sweet Belle finds herself crowded no matter where she positions herself... 

It's a good thing she tolerates (and secretly enjoys) her bubby's snugglely ways. Cause he can't get close enough when its time to sleep.
The kids have been sleeping with the el cheapo stuffed pig & unicorn they won at the county fair lately...according to Belle "because every time I look at my unicorn it reminds me of the fair, and I feel happy!"
 Sweet fingers embracing enchanted memories.

 Speaking of sentiment and fingers embracing sweet memories...
I keep seeing this photo of 2 day old Judah and finding myself unable to grasp its about to happen again. 
 The welcoming committee is growing ever more excited too! They did such a good job with baby Judah, and now he will be joining them in ushering in the joy of another life!
Infact, this morning, Judah was cuddling with my belly, gently stroking it and rubbing his face on it, when I asked him what he thought we should call baby sister?

To my surprise he answered "Baby_______"...
A name Aron and I have had on hearts for a girl middle name since before we knew a little lady was growing inside. But we have been careful not to speak much of names around the kids until we know for sure what she will be called.
Perhaps it was a God inspired moment
(heaven knows we struggle with indecision in the naming department).
We shall soon see...


beckyjomama said...

DYIN HERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Psssst - Kirks are AWESOME!

Kelly said...

Oh my goodness, Belle has grown up so much these past two years. And love the decorations at Kirkhaven!