Thursday, November 10, 2011

mornings with judah

a little boy sleeping in BIG boy undies, waking up after 12 hours DRY, makes a mommy very happy.
(our last potty training hurdle...reprogramming judah into believing he CAN go potty with clothing on. the boy has to strip stark naked: no shoes, no socks, no, to be able to go. this is very time consuming when we're not at home!)
what? its thursday? i go see my friends!
 happy day!
silly man
did I mention instead of "mom" he's been calling me "Darling"? 

cherishing this time, undivided and focused, with judah.
before we get to share our love with one more!


beckyjomama said...

he melts my heart ... always has, always will.

grandma jackie said...

love the pics darling;) thats too cute