Wednesday, June 27, 2012


When i first saw you in sound waves, clearly a man-child growing within, I looked to your daddy and laughed, "A boy?! What will I ever do with a boy?"
Little did I know how you would steal my heart.
Now I wonder, what will I ever do without you, when these days are gone.

My sweet boy, you believe, you really believe, that you are strong and brave, that you can save the world. When you don your cape, you fly through the house, and you come to me a million times, "Watch me, mama! I'm super fast! Look at my muscles, mama! Am I strong?"

Oh, how I ache to make you understand.
Yes! Yes, you are strong and brave. Valiant and full of honor.
Our Maker has written this upon your heart; you were created for greatness.

But a day is coming when doubts will creep in, and you will wonder if you were ever strong, wonder how you can keep a brave face though your heart quivers, wonder if you will ever have what it takes.

My son, remember this:

In Christ.

In Christ, you are most strong when you bend a knee, his power made perfect in your weakness. 
(2 Corinthians 12:9)
In Christ, you can be strong and courageous, never terrified, because the LORD your God goes with you, promising to never leave or forsake you. 
(Deuteronomy 31:6, Hebrews 13:5)
In Christ, you are a son of the Most High God, and His Spirit is within you, His divine power giving you everything you need to live the life He has called you to.
(2 Peter 1:3, Colossians 1:19).

We live in a world fallen victim to great evil. And we have been summoned to participate in a war that started long before our small stories came to life.
I wish with all my heart that I could protect you from it all, the knowledge of good and evil.
I suppose this is the beauty of the season of the beloved son:
life safe in the love of Father, naive of the Great War.

But even in your boyhood bliss, you hunger for adventure.
You long to be a hero.

I don't yet know the good works, the saving the day kind, he has planned for you.
But I'll marvel at the handiwork you are, confident that He will raise you up and position you to fufill your calling in Christ Jesus. (Ephesians 2:10)

Yet for today, I'll do my best to soak you into the deepest parts of my heart and savor you there just as you are, the world's smallest superhero...
before your legs grow long, your shoulders wide, and the whiskers come with a new voice,
 And a world that needs saving beckons you fly away from me.
My mighty little man, sleep right here on my couch a little longer.
After all, saving the day is exhausting work, even for the super and the hero among us.

Because we all know tomorrow's adventure won't wait for the weary.
So grab your gear, tuck that sword in your undies.
And prepare to conquer the world anew.
My Lion Cub, I couldn't love you more.
And you will always be my hero.


Kurt and Kristine said...

LOVE this, your words are so beautiful my friend :)

beckyjomama said...

Sweet mercy that boy has a piece of my heart! And your words? My sweet Michi-Sissy, you are a poet! I love you!

vickiwil said...

Erica what a great story teller you are. That my friend is a children's book in the making.
Adorable Judah- boys are such fun.
Thank you for making me smile.