Monday, June 18, 2012

i hope you know

Do you realize when you walk through that front door, you bring with you the sunshine?

Our world shimmers with wonder as tiny sword bearing pirates and bow laden lassies emerge to greet their great adventurer. 

Our hearts lean toward your light, soaking in your love which grows us daily until flowers bloom in fragrant fruit.

Our minds rest in the safety of your faithful rising and setting, a constant in a planet spinning chaos.

And as evening draws near, you tuck us in with brilliant color, sing us the song of the cool of evening. Your melody invites in the One who once walked with us face to face, and we enjoy His presence once more.

Happy Fathers Day!


Kelli said...

You two may be younger than us, and we may have more years of practice, but I consider your relationship to be an example worth emulating.

beckyjomama said...

Your family and your relationship is one of the most beautiful things I have ever been Blessed to witness. So much love there!!!

grandma jackie said...

what a wonderful and touching tribute to your hubby!much better than a card