Thursday, December 11, 2008

please celebrate me home

So my girl taught me a thing or two about celebrating each other within relationships. And I'll share the story with you.

Aron's been swamped at work. He left early this morning, put in a full day, didn't have time to take a break for dinner, and got home around 10:00 - starving. So I was busy cooking him a quick supper (he called on his way home & put in his order). When he came through the front door, Belle ran at full speed to celebrate him home. Like many small children do, she squealed "Daddyyyyy!" while jumping into his arms.

I had put down my spatula and was making my way to the door to "greet" him. But Belle would have none of that. Daddy was home & it was time to celebrate. She ran over grabbed my leg & dragged me (as much as a 20 lb girl can drag a grown woman) to Aron, then pushed me from behind into him & said, "Love him." I had every intention to give him a hug, but I didn't have the enthusiasm she believed the occasion warranted!

We embraced and separated, and I had barely stepped back so Aron could get in the door, and here comes Belle again at full speed. Another huge hug, I love you daddy. We smiled at each other. She then gave me a big push, "Love him, again!". We did this 2 more times.

This girl - small as she is - understands the value of celebrating each other - the way I believe we were intended to. It's easy to get sucked into the day to day routines of greetings and goodbyes and goodnights and goodmornings. But man, how it brightens your day to know that your very existence is celebrated by those around you.

So, the next time Aron emerges through the door...I'm going to do my best to beat that child to the door. Our lives are short, and its about time we start loving each other as if we truly understand that!

So speaking of Belle, here's a video of her with her wand singing "Bipity, Bopity, Boo" along with Cinderella's fairy godmother. Oh, and if you've never heard the Kenny Loggins song after which I entitled this post...its a great one that only gets aired at this time of year...definitely check it out!



beckyjomama said...

Man, I love that girl!!

j said...

That is so sweet...we indeed are the blueprint of "love and marriage" for our little ones. Sounds like you are teaching her well! I agree with you, it is easy to fall into a nonchalant routine with our daily Hellos and Goodbyes.

I had a girlfriend tell me once that her Mom would freshen up her makeup every day right before her Dad came home from work...a small way to give him her best.

In my house, we chant "Daddy's Home! Daddy's Home! Daddy's Home!" (when growing up, we did this with my parents when they came home)and I try to make sure the house is straightened up(even though darc says he'd rather come home to a house full of toys and laughter then cleanliness and stress).

I still have to remind myself at times though to drop what I am doing and let my greeting to Darcy remain priority over everything else. There can't be enough importance placed on making our home a haven for our loved ones to come home to each day...thanks for the reminder.

P.S. I love how even daddy knew the words to "Bippity Boppity Boo"...

Kelli said...

Wow! Belle has got the love thing down. Yeah!

Thanks for sharing the video too cute! Looks like her lip is better- that's good.

I love the new christmas looking to the blog!

Jordan Gardner said...

And that is why I love Bella! It is amazing how kids always keep things in perspective. It reminds me of a sunset. A sunset is beautiful until you see one every day and come to expect it, but if we remember that God gave us the sunset its beauty is renewed. God gave us family, so it's our job to remember that they are beautiful. Whether its a runny nose, overcooked food (which I know you never do Erica), or coming home from work late, it is beautiful, simply because it is family.