Sunday, December 7, 2008

the scent of evergreen now fills the air

After a crazy week, we set aside Saturday to get our Christmas tree. And we found it: the perfect tree...a stunning 9ft douglas fir.What a great day it was. It's especially difficult to be away from family around this time of year, so we cranked up the music and celebrated our own traditions to make the ole' condo a little less lonely. We captured a few moments from our day(below) to share with you...hope you enjoy.

And before we are our new stockings...we love them. I've been working on embroiding our names.

They're not perfect, but not too bad for freehanding it...and my first try at embroiding by hand.
Okay, that's about it. Time for the movie...if you don't have time/interest to watch the whole thing, you've got to skip to the end. We "wish you a merry christmas" & the movie closes with Belle saying, "Now, that's some really good singing!" after the song. It's so precious!
oh, oh, one last might have to crank it up - this was recorded on our digital camera.

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